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Fights please fans in Dexter

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

DEXTER - Fight night at the Eagles Aerie #4062 ended with all the fans wanting to know when it was going to come back. About 200 fans filled the venue for the fights Saturday night and everyone was patient as they waited for the first bell to kick off for the evening.

Starting the evening in the 60 lb. weight class was Tyler "Lil' Dynamite" Latamondeer of Mississippi County Boxing going up against Armondo Reeves of Jefferson City Boxing.

Reeves, looking a little bit like he should be in the 80 lb. weight class, went toe to toe with Latamondeer throwing allot of punches. Latamondeer hung in there with the bigger more active fighter and forced the fight to a decision, with Reeves coming away with the decision.

In what appeared to be one of the most exciting match ups of the evening. Billy Mace of Mississippi County Boxing went into the ring against Tucker Davis of the KO Fight Gym in the 70 lb. weight class.

"Billy has really stepped up his game lately in training and turning some heads in the gym when he spars, I just wanted to see if he could do it when it really counted, in competition," stated Coach Wick about Mace.

The first round bell rang and they both met at the center of the ring throwing punches, with Mace taking the lead on the points early by catching and stunning Davis early in the round. At the end of the first the crowd was on their feet cheering, this fight really got everyone fired up.

The second round started and basically was like the first round with Mace controlling the round, backing his opponent up with every flurry of punches he was throwing. Davis was hanging in there very well, catching Mace every once in a while with a great counter punch, forcing Mace to back up.

Going into the third round Mace started catching Davis with some very good combinations forcing a few eight counts with the Referee stopping the action in the third round, giving Mace the win by TKO.

Kaleb Johnson of the KO Fight Gym went up against David Miller of Jefferson City Boxing in the 115 lb. weight class match up. Johnson went in strong with his opponent, throwing good hard jabs and catching Miller with some good combinations taking him all three rounds. Miller ended up winning by Decision over Johnson.

"Kaleb needed one thing to let him know he could box and that was a confidence builder, win or lose, he went in there did his job. I am proud of him, he looked good," stated Marquis Adams, Coach for KO Fight Gym. Kenny Williams of the KO Fight Gym went in to action against Kevin Nichelson from Hannibal Boxing in the 120 lb weight division, with Williams winning by TKO in the first round after catching Nichelson with a hard body shot that sent him to the canvas.

Roger Achter of the Mississippi County Boxing Gym matched up with Austin Flores from the KO Fight Gym in the 155 lb. weight class. This was a great match up with these two fighters and they showed it for three exciting rounds.

At the start of the fight Achter appeared to have control by coming out and landing some good combinations on Flores. Flores would answer with some of his own as they would exchange throughout the round. By time the third round came up, both fighters appeared to be a little tired from all of the action they had produced. Achter won the match by decision.

James Dickson from the Mississippi County Boxing Gym stepped into the ring against Joe Federer of the Fiore's Boxing Gym. This was a very exciting match between these two fighters. They both threw good hard jabs and would finish off with good combinations and both looked good in the ring. Dickson seemed to have most of the control throughout the match and landed more of the power punches against Federer. Dickson caught Federer in the third round with a flurry of punches giving Federer an eight count sealing the win for Dickson by decision.

In the only four round match up for the evening, Matt "The Man" Gephart of the Mississippi County Boxing Gym stepped in against Adam Johnson from the Hannibal Boxing Gym for a 178 lb match up that was slated to be one of the most exciting match ups of the evening. Gephart and Johnson have met in the ring before with Johnson winning the first two of the meetings.

The first round started with some good exchanges and jab work from both fighters, Gephart making sure that he respected the power that Johnson had would stick and move and set up for his combinations on the inside when he was able. Johnson was not making it easy for Gephart. Towards the end of the first round Gephart caught Johnson with a stunning combination causing an eight count for Johnson and leaving him a little dazed for the rest of the round. Gephart appeared to have control of the fight at this time.

Coming into the second round, Gephart started becoming a little more aggressive with Johnson causing another eight count, with Johnson wanting to continue. Gephart stepped it with a fast and hard combination that caused the referee to step in and stop the action giving Gephart the win by TKO in the second round.

"I had him hurt and could have finished him, but, I just couldn't take chances, he still has good power and can counter with good speed," stated Gephart about his match, "He is a good friend and I respect everything about him, I wanted the win, I didn't need to knock him out," he also stated about Johnson.

Mike Warren from the Mississippi County Boxing Team stepped in against Desmond McDowell from the KO Fight Gym in the 132 lb weight class match up. The action in this bout went on for three rounds as both fighters were exchanging throughout the whole fight. McDowell was ahead at the end of the second and going into the third McDowell showed some fatigue from the first two rounds as Warren tried to capitalize he just could not get enough in on McDowell by the end. McDowell won by decision in the match.

In the Heavyweight division came Chris "Hands of Stone" Gephart of the Mississippi County Boxing Gym going up against Robert Warren from the Jefferson City Boxing Gym. This was a match that allot of the crowd had been waiting for.

Going into the first round Gephart started by establishing his jab against Warren, landing some good combinations during the round. Later in the first round Gephart caught Warren with a stunning shot that caused an eight count. Gephart was clearly ahead on the cards.

The second round started with Warren trying to establish himself, but causing him to get caught on the inside with a hard upper cut thrown by Gephart. Warren's legs appeared to be a little shaky as he worked around the ring trying to avoid shots by Gephart to survive the round. Before the round was over, Gephart set up for a combination causing Warren to back up against the ropes, a Little shaken by the end of the second, Warren made it to the corner to get ready for the third.

Coming into the third round, Gephart and Warren appeared to be a little fatigued from the previous rounds. Warren caught Gephart early with a body shot that appeared to effect him, following it up with a good four punch combination landing clean on Gephart. Gephart backed Warren up with a barrage of straight punches that landed clean and appeared to really effect Warren's movement. This match came down to the end with both fighters giving it their all and the crowd loved every minute of it as they were on their feet screaming and cheering for both fighters in the ring.

Gephart won by unanimous decision over Warren.

"It wasn't the cleanest fight Chris has had, I would like to see some of the stuff get worked out, but, we'll take the win and get back to the Gym, we have allot of work to do to get ready for our next fight, Coach Wick stated about Gephart, "I am proud of this kid, he listens well in the corner and does his job. He has a great future ahead of him as long as he keeps doing that."

All in all, this was a very exciting show for all the fans to enjoy. The fighters love crowds like this, they just didn't cheer for their hometown favorites, they cheered for all the fighters in the ring. Not one person left disappointed, everyone had a great time.

"This was a good thing to come to Dexter and the Eagles Aerie #4062 was proud to be a part of it," stated Barry Blevins, Vice President of the Eagles Aerie #4062.

"I was very impressed with the evening and the fans that came out to watch, I was swarmed by fans after the fights were done and getting allot of compliments on the show. I really am proud that I hooked up with the Dexter Eagles on this show, it really turned out for both of us to be a good thing," Stated Coach Wick about the show.

Mississippi County Boxing will now get back to the gym to start getting ready for more tune ups to prepare for the Golden Gloves coming up after the first of the year. If interested in Boxing or becoming a sponsor of the Gym, contact Brad Wick at 573-624-1688 or 573-380-0383 for more information.