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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 11/4

Friday, November 4, 2005

I was sick Friday afternoon and I went to Super D and Mike came out to help me get some medication that made me feel a lot better. I would just like to say thanks to him, he is such an angel. And, they are all very nice people and will help you in any way they can. Thank God for people like these.

I would like to speakout about that New Madrid Central and Dexter game. Yes, we did lose, but we played good ball. We went from 1and 9 to 6 and 3. Dexter 6 and 3 too, but I just wanted to let our boys know they played good ball this season.

I would like to know from some of you people who draw AFDC and get Section 8 and get financial help for your light, water and gas bill, how do you do it? As Sikestonian, who has worked all my life and cannot make ends meet, how do you do it? You sit at work places and you brag about how you get daycare, you get Section 8, you can walk into the DFS office and get all kinds of help, go to churches, the DAEOC. We cannot get any help and we are sick and tired of it. Of being in line in WalMart Store and seeing young females that can afford to spend $355 in food stamps and $300 in cash. We have worked all our lives in this town and we can't do it. There is no way to do it without cheating. So please tell us, how do you cheat the system? We are sick and tired of supporting you in your fine houses, your fine cars, walking in front of us flashing diamond rings. Sikeston, you need to grow up. You need to tell us how to make it. We are the ones supporting this town. We can't pay our utilities. We fight from week to week just to make it. We can't pay our taxes. We get threatened that our stuff is gonna get picked up because we can't pay our taxes. Well, why don't you get something in this town besides fast food places that pays less than minimum wage and you are supposed to make it with your tips. Excuse me. You people are so tight wadded. You come in and we wait on you like you are royalty and you get up and walk out without leaving a tip. We work in home health care. We don't even break even. We work in the nursing homes, we work in the hospital, we work in your banks, you see us everyday. We are supposed to put on a fake smile. What are we supposed to do, stick our heads in the refrigerator every night so we can have that fake smile like it's okay? I think it's time that somebody comes in to this town that cares. The company sells out and we don't get paid. We have women that take on their great little cliques that are to help people and they sit in restaurants and you can hear them talking about the people that they are supposed to be helping and how stupid they are. Sikeston, you need to wake up. Mike, you write great commentaries. Why don't you write one for the people in this town that don't get ADC, that doesn't get help from Section 8, that doesn't go to every church begging? Your Christmas Fund would be really great when you give out your free baskets, when we know people in this town that go to nine different places and gets baskets. We support your crap. We support all these people, and it's wrong. Why not do something in this town for all of us who have busted our butts all of our lives? We can't get any help. Even if we're sick we are told, you have to be sick for a year. Yet, they can claim they are bipolar, take drugs, go to rehab, come out and get all their bills paid for six months to a year because everybody is helping them. They have broke the law. We haven't. We have stayed in the work force and paid our taxes. When is there going to be something to help us, to pay our bills to keep us from having our vehicles taken? What's wrong with the people, not just in Sikeston, but the whole government? Why not help the ones who try? We're tired. What if we set down? Then what are you gonna do?

I would like to know if there is someone out there that has got a small doghouse that will keep a little dog warm through the winter? I know one who needs one and if you will put your number in the paper, I will call you. Anybody out there that might have one, I sure would appreciate it. My heart goes out to these little pets that are out in the cold and the rain and everything.