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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 8/5

Friday, August 5, 2005

All this talk about Medicaid, welfare and social security fraud but nothing is done. If you know someone that is committing fraud, turn them in. You can do it on the toll free phone line, letter or the internet. You can do this anonymously. Get together a few facts and do the taxpayers a favor. We all know of leeches in society doing this. I have even seen preachers committing scams, disability fraud and tax evasion. No matter the circumstances it is still stealing. How someone can stand up and preach after not paying taxes or taking cash under the table and drawing benefits is incomprehensible. I agree with the person who just wrote about people not working and living in public housing, driving expensive cars and wearing designer clothing while talking on their cell phones. These people are fooling no one. They should hang their head in shame for what they are teaching their children. They may look the walk and talk the walk but they fool very few. People know when a person is on welfare, Medicaid or disability and they buy $100,000 homes and expensive cars, they are stealing from the government and tax payers. God does not provide in that way, the devil does.

You cannot have an illegal tire dump in the county, but you can have one in town.

I'm just calling about that one reporter, Scott Welton. His work is great. He is the epitome of cool.

I was just calling to agree with the person who said to lighten up on all the security with drugs around here and just let everybody who does drugs do however much they want all they want because the jail and the detention center is really not helping at all. If DPS and the city went to heighten up security on watching to make sure everybody who does drugs or likes to go break into people's houses and steal stuff and rob people's gardens and doing whatever they got to do to support their drug habit. I guess we can put them somewhere locked up and cased up where they can plant their own gardens or whatever else they need. We all know that everybody in Scott County loves to do drugs. Let the people who do drugs do all they want and then the people who die from it will die from it and people who rob and steal from them would go away and we wouldn't have to deal with them making us look bad because of our drug use and what not.

I just would like to know why, in Cape Girardeau today, I heard two old people had died from heat when our great little governor is worried about taking money away from our elderly and our disabled. He is not touching our young people, kids on welfare that can go to the hospital or the doctor without anything and not worry about their heat or their air. Something is wrong with this program. Our elderly and our disabled should be taken care of first.

Yeah, this is for Mike. Mike, I read your editorial about your new grandbaby and it sounds like you are a proud grandfather. I know how you feel, I've got grandbabies of my own. But how about a picture of that sweet, little darlin '. We would all like to see her I think.

Well, I see the city of Miner is trying to raise more money by putting in a telephone tax. The citizens of Miner need to know, if you have one room, turning on the water out there is $150. If you have 100 rooms it is still $150. The telephone tax will tax everyone who has a telephone in the community of Miner. Also, if you have sewers in Miner and your water bill is $25 then your sewer bill is $25. Miner is trying to raise a lot of money off of the taxpayers.