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Speakout 11/2

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

This is to the person who did the speakout on "Right on Mike" on Wed. Oct. 26. Why is it when African American people get together they are called a mob or a gang? When in actuality sometimes we are just getting together just to have fun, just to laugh and to talk. Several years ago, many, many years ago there was a gang of white people called the KKK, the Klu Klux Klan. No one thought any thing of that. But, now that there's been a turn of events, black people get called gangs, mobsters and they are just so violent. But, all it really is if you just think about it is just a return of reality check.

Rah, rah, rah. Raw, raw, raw. Guess who won? The White Sox won. They won 1-0 against the Astros. And guess why they won? Because Bush probably had a share in the Astros. He's probably part owner of the Astros and that's why they won. Rah, rah rah.

Good evening, I was just wondering. I'm a sports fan. Why doesn't Scott Central have a volleyball team? All the other schools in this area in Southeast Missouri does. I think they are the only ones in this area that don't have a volleyball team. And, that's unusual. Having girls at the school attending, they should have a volleyball team for the girls.

I would like to know if Bryan Alworth is married?

We contacted KFVS. We're sorry, but he's taken girls.

I met someone in my 42 years who has been, and is, the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I moved to Sikeston nine months ago. She has four kids, which one is in foster care because of her husband's doings. Now the other three are gone, and I have been made their target, being accused of receiving stolen property and beating on these kids. My opinion as I watch all of this, is DFS just wanted all her kids because they believe that because if she had a bad husband that she would pick someone else who was just the same. I stress, I do not appreciate my good name and my good intentions slandered by the Department of the DFS and the DPS. All in all, I plan on marrying this woman and her kid.

Hey Mike, got a question. Any idea how many employers there are in Sikeston, and who do the bulk of the people work for in this town? Do they work at two or three large employers or several small employers? Just curious.

We contacted city officials, and according to their records, Good Humor Breyers employs the most with approximately 850, Missouri Delta Medical Center employs approximately 650 and the School District employs around 550. The remainder of the Sikeston industries employs 200 or less.

George Bush is a barely mediocre person, and he became President of the United States. It doesn't surprise me that he would nominate Harriet Miers, someone who is also mediocre, like him, to become Associate Justice on our nation's highest court, and then be gobsmacked when the whole country speaks up and says we won't allow the dumbing down of our Supreme Court. We've seen what that's done to the presidency.

What stock?

Mike, you're not gonna print this, I know, but I'm gonna ask you again. We would like to know what companies George W. Bush has stock in, gas companies. We know he has stock in it or it would go down in a minute. Would you please let us know?

All the President's financial dealings are held in a blind trust. He has no power over them while in office.