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Speakout 3/24

Friday, March 24, 2006

How can some of these people go to the doctors and get anything they want? They take up all the samples. I've seen some people can't even get a sample, and if they do it's just one or two, and they can bring home a peck sack full. I don't think that's right. And they can go anytime and get in the doctors office and get in and not have to make an appointment or anything. I don't understand. These doctors are not doing right and these doctors are not doing right by doing these things. I'd like for this to be put in SpeakOut. I'm on medication but I can't get anything but over the counter. I think everybody should know what is going on.

My child was in an almost fatal car crash after leaving a bar in the wee hours of March 5th. I discussed this with the owner who didn't give a crap. I also reported it to liquor control who says they don't have enough to investigate although I have about 10 witnesses who would testify and even know the person's name who served my child all night! What's it going to take before someone stops these people? It's harder to get a pack of cigarettes in Sikeston than it is to go to your local bar and drink shots all night when you are underage! I guess I just don't have the right last name or enough money to get something done about it! That's the thing about this town...Who you are and how much you have! They feed these kids alcohol and then let them get in their cars and drive away. Would you or one of your family members want to pass them on the road in the condition you send them home in?

I'm calling about the good works that the police have done on those that were arrested. The reason I know that the cops are getting their information from crooks is that they stated that the 24 inch rims belonged to one of the young mens. Well, it doesn't belong to any of the three young mens. That' how I know they are getting their information from crooks who don't know what they are talking about. So how is it that they done such good work. That is my question?

One more comment to the smart mouth about driving with the loud music. A note to the Department of Public Safety. If you need a place to store these vehicles, I have a vacant lot in Haywood City that they are welcome to use.