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Speakout 8/8

Monday, August 8, 2005

This is for Speakout. The lady has it right about the Medicaid cut, we all knew that Matt Blunt would mess the system up. Why is it so hard for him not to see the people that are gonna suffer from this? Would he allow his parents to do without their medicines? This is gonna cause all kinds of problems but I guess he got a lot of Republicans on his side. All us poor people don't get no one. So I guess we will starve and just stop our medicine, then get a lawyer. How long is he in office? I liked Bob Holden, he at least wouldn't let us do without medicine. Mr. Blunt you are not in office forever and I hope I'm gone if your elected again. - A Democrat

I'd like to speak out about everyone who's been condemning those on welfare! How do you know they are abusing these medical cards or these food stamp cards? Do you live with these people? Do you make it your main concern to watch and follow people around all day? If so, you've really got to get a life and mind your own business. Be thankful you are not one of the thousands of Missourians who had to go onto welfare. These medical cards can not be abused. If someone tried to abuse it, then it would take a doctor here in town to be abusing it as well by seeing the patient or by giving the patient all these drugs that the damn card won't pay for! Or how about the pharmacist who fills these prescriptions knowing the state won't pay for it? Sorry to tell you people of Sikeston the real scoop here. It's not the individuals on the cards themselves who are abusing it, its the doctors and the pharmacists. Far as the food stamp card goes, those I know of personally who have it, they need it just to be able to eat. Prices continue to rise on everything, but the pay wages are not rising as well. So it is hard for some of these people to raise a family, work full time (some work two jobs, oh my when do they get to see their families?), put kids through school and then you tack on the utility bill, the ever-rising gas prices at the stations, and not to mention just your normal household bills. Now if someone was making $300 a week, had a family, had a car payment, not to mention insurance, phone bill, utility bill, school supplies, clothing, any medication that they might need (my son's medication alone cost $450 a month!) where do they have any extra money at to buy groceries? They don't have any! So, why don't you people be a good neighbor and actually help your neighbor out by keeping your mouths shut! Let the people try to better themselves. Cause I'll tell you, no one on Medicaid or welfare will be allowed to do better until the government has been overthrown. Starting with Matt Blunt, then the President, and so forth. Like I said before, lets have an old fashioned Boston tea party.

To the person who has claimed to have been slandered by all of the merchants in Missouri and Illinois. I think I can help. It is not right that you have been singled out from all other Americans, black and white. You have every right to sue for millions and never work again. By the way, I am not an attorney, But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Anthony Graham and Adam Graham have some people who were working on the Assembly of God Church in Morehouse a couple of weeks ago. It was very hot and they brought some cold drinks, which was very nice since it was so hot for the people being on top of the Assembly of God Church. I think people ought to say thank you to people who help people out.