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Snake Facts

Friday, June 10, 2005

The non-venomous Diamond-backed Water Snake is common in Southeast Missouri and often mistaken for the venomous water moccasin, also found in the area.
Encounters with venomous snakes can be prevented if you follow these simple rules:

-- Stay away from areas where there may be a concentration of venomous snakes, such as swamps, marshes and bluffs.

-- Wear protective footwear in areas where there are likely to be snakes. Thick leather or rubber boots or hightop hiking shoes will protect feet, ankles and lower legs.

-- Never place your hands under rocks or logs; do not step over rocks or logs. Step on them first, then over.

-- Step lively when hiking. Look the ground over, particularly around large rocks or logs, when you stop to stand or sit.

-- Wear rubber boots when fishing in streams that may harbor the venomous cottonmouth. If a cottonmouth falls in your canoe or boat, don't panic -- get to shore and flip the snake out with a paddle, net or fishing rod. Trying to kill the snake in the boat may cause the snake to bite you or cause you to fall into the water.

-- Avoid any snake you cannot identify. For current information on snakebite first-aid, contact your nearest American Red Cross.

-- In the event of a venomous snakebite, seek medical attention immediately.

Source: Missouri Department of Conservation