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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 6/10

Friday, June 10, 2005

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I would like to Speakout about the city of Matthews. I read today in the people where these people were upset about the Gemeinhardt Gin being torn down. That gin was in bad shape and the people of Matthews are trying to improve their city. They are doing a wonderful job of cleaning up eyesores. The gin was dangerous for children. I have lived in Matthews for five years and I'm proud of the people here and what they are trying to do. The city crews take care of the parks and the cemetery. Our Jaycees are the finest in the area, they are constantly having benefit dinners and raising money for charities or people who are ill and need medical bills paid. We need to back our city and keep working as these people have really got a good job going here.

Back on Yang again. Did you know he will probably get out of prison in about 15 years? He won't have to do the whole max of 20 years. Also what does America's Most Wanted think when they put him on there and him just getting 20 years?

To the "No-heart" person, a lot of people drop off animals alongside a road in hopes that someone driving by will have a heart and pick them up and give them a good home. If you were a dog and you were dumped off in the middle of nowhere, what would you do? I think you will find that you will do exactly what the dogs do. Dogs do have legs as well as a brain, which means once they've been dumped off they're gonna walk and wander around, that's what dogs do. Dogs are very smart animals. I am sure they hope that by walking to a road, there will be help for them there. They don't mean to get in your way. They just want someone to help them and love them. You cannot take an animal to the dog pound anymore without them charging you for doing so. Even if you find a stray and you take it there, they will still charge you for leaving that animal there. Not everyone has money to give away for a dog that is not even theirs. So maybe if everyone who does happen to see a dog alongside the road, maybe if they thought about how that poor animal might be feeling then, maybe that animal could be saved. You can't force any morals or values into people. Don't expect them to be too kind hearted. Do it yourself the next time you see one and God bless you for doing so!

I see where the city has added to the agenda putting a stop sign at the corner of Wallace and Moore instead of the existing yield sign. City officials must read SpeakOut religiously. Listen, Sikeston. If they will not yield at a yield sign, what makes you think they will stop at a stop sign? I personally like the yield sign because I live in the area and go through there frequently and there is an open view to both sides of traffic. I say, leave it the way it is. Ticket the idiots who don't know what yield means.