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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 4/30

Sunday, April 30, 2006

This is in response to the person who thinks they have all their facts straight in the underage drinking incident. Maybe you didn't know that the first phone call made was to the officer that pulled him over on that night. It wasn't "the cop" it was two officers who did not find anything wrong with him. Do you really think they would have jeopardized their jobs by knowingly letting a drunk person drive? He wasn't! Second fact you must not be aware of is that I confronted the bar owner myself, in person, where he told me in front of a witness that he knew who my son was and did not need to see his I.D. So I guess his brothers I.D. is another one of the facts you don't have straight. As far as his brother's I.D., if he ever did try to use it, only a blind person wouldn't know the difference in the picture on the I.D. and the person standing before him! You do have one thing right, he has had a wreck before and guess what? There was a bar that didn't card him then either! He is as you say "lucky to be alive" but we won't have to worry about him drinking and driving for a long while because the Highway Patrol did their job...now if Liquor Control would do their job we might not have to worry about this happening to someone else's kid! No one asked you but if you want to know who I blame, I'll tell you. I blame the parents of his friends who allowed him to come to their houses and do things I didn't allow at home. I blame bar owners who don't care who they serve as long as they can pay for it. I blame him for not knowing better. And I blame myself, although I know I did the best I could raising him. I can't help but think I must have done something wrong somewhere down the line. So maybe you need to just keep silent when you don't know what you're talking about. I can't help but think maybe you feel so strongly about this because you might have enabled him in some way or another. Have you ever served him alcohol or allowed him to drive away from your home drunk?

We go back to when we set foot on this land, what kind of people would we find? We would find people that either worked or they died. In the years to follow, if they did not work they died. The government said, we will all have to pay so that we may protect ourselves from others and we agreed that we had an obligation to do that. We worked our land, we gave of ourselves and we gave of our profit so that we would be protected. Now we find that people only want a handout. And those people found the "Democrats". We're still paying for it. Get these people off of welfare and find them a job or they die. Teach them to feed themselves, or feed them forever. That is what will happen.

Is it against the law to shoot looters when you catch them in the act of looting? I just read in the Standard where those two men had been caught down in the area where this horrible tornado went through down at Braggadocio. I really think it's a fine idea. If it is against the law, then they should be horse whipped. They should at the least be prosecuted for a felony so they can have that hanging over their record for the rest of their lives. When you steal from disaster victims, you sink down in the pits with pedophiles and rapists and you've transgressed against your fellow man and you aren't getting much lower.