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Speakout 3/20

Monday, March 20, 2006

This is in regards to the comments about the cheerleading tryouts in Sikeston. And no, I'm not a parent who is afraid their child won't make it, I don't have a child in this school district whatsoever. That is for those parent's comments who will be, "Oh they're just mad their kid won't make it!" I think it is crazy that the cheerleaders are judged by the red peppers and green peppers, who most of them know nothing about cheerleading and already have their minds made up on who they will "vote" for before they even see the girls talent. So basically, a girl can work very hard by taking gymnastics classes and whatever else for years and years just so that she can fulfill the dream of being a cheerleader in high school, but come time for tryouts, if someone doesn't like you, "Sorry you can't be a cheerleader." Even though you've worked so hard and you do have the talent. That is wrong! Sports already have the reputation of a popularity contest. Way to go Sikeston, to provoke that. The smart thing to do would be to have judges from different towns and communities who know nothing about any of the girls trying out. Base it on talent and ability, not popularity. The sad part is, some people in Sikeston just think this is the normal way to do things. . .sad.

In response to the Heavy Burden, we support our troops and even though we don't approve of the way our President is handling the Iraq War, we pray for our Commander in Chief. But, we all don't have to agree of the way he's doing things neither. The Bible says, "Be angry and sin not." This is America. We all have a right to our opinions.

On rainy days there is a lady that drives a dark blue car who has her child in her car on Gilmore and Harrison street waiting on the school bus. I'd like to know why you think you have the right to pull up and park in someone's yard instead of out on the street? Even though the house is for sale, you have no right to pull up in someone's yard. I think you would be having a fit if someone came up and pulled up and parked in your yard.