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Speakout 9/13

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am sitting here reading the newspaper about the MAP test scores. I am a little disgusted right about now. Why is it that black scores are so low? When you look at the honor roll students, they are just as many blacks that make the honor roll at these different school as the whites. And why during graduation do we have just as many blacks getting scholarships as the whites? I feel that this is just a little racist. I have a son who has made honor roll all the way from kindergarten to now and he is in third grade. I just feel this is racist toward the blacks.

- - -

I would like to speak out on the MAP test for 2005. I would like to know why they have the blacks as having the lowest reading score of all. The way it looks is like blacks are the only ones who know anything and there were more blacks that got scholarships. If they were that illiterate, why would they get these scholarships. I don't think it is fair that they would print something like this in the paper. That makes the blacks look like we are dumb, which we do not have a lot of dumb, black kids. I don't think it is fair. I think you need to go back and do this over.

This is reply to the poor misguided person that thinks we need to dig a canal from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. Well friend, there already is one, it is called the Illinois River. It goes from Lake Michigan down through the center of Illinois and it comes into the Mississippi River at Grandin, Ill., which is just a little bit north of St. Louis. If you want help digging that great big canal, they will need to import a lot of people from Mexico and China to do the job.

With this hurricane, it is tragic. I feel bad and my heart goes out to these people but where is the UN. I don't hear them screaming and hollering that we need to rush money over there. When India and all of them and at Somalia, they were demanding money. We had our airplanes up in the air that very day with food, medicine and money. Then they demand money to go to Africa to treat AIDs' people and stuff like that. Where are they? I don't see them. The only time you hear from these people is when they have their hands stuck out. They don't care about the United States because if they did, they would be giving. All we are really known to those other countries is Americans or the United States of Sucker. They call us sucker because we are stupid enough to give and we don't ask for their help when we need help. It is time that we start getting back are we are going to have to quit giving. United States can't afford to give all the time. We don't have the money for our own people. And these people are trying to raise money from old people. Where are all these other countries at, I would really like to know.

I want to say that I read so much in Speakout about people wanting to call people in for disability or Social Security and fraud and stuff. I have never seen people call people in for welfare, who live with their boyfriends and draw money and four kids who don't have a daddy. But the Bible says that anyone who casts that first stone. If there is anyone who has no sin, then you can cast that first stone. But before you turn someone in you better take a good look at yourself first or you will be trouble with God.