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Your view: Buy ethanol

Friday, September 9, 2005

Everywhere you go these days, folks are complaining about the high price of gasoline. But the question no one seems to be able to answer is what can we do about it? I have a suggestion for consumers frustrated and disgusted with today's high fuel prices -- buy ethanol.

This homegrown, renewable fuel made from corn can help lower gas prices at the pump and ethanol blended gasoline helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil. As if that was not enough, ethanol helps clean up the air, extends our gasoline supply and presents a great rural development opportunity by processing corn grown right here in the Midwest.

While the oil industry has brought no new refineries into the market place for over 30 years, efforts by corn farmers to expand the supply of ethanol has resulted in over 80 new operating ethanol plants, with more on the way. The majority of these are farmer owned and all located here in the U.S. Make no mistake -- while the oil industry continues to enjoy record profits, the ethanol industry is responding to the call for cheaper prices at the pump.

Currently there are three ethanol plants in Missouri. In order to fill the increasing demand for this economical fuel alternative, new ethanol production facilities will need to be built. One such effort is Bootheel Ethanol in Malden, Mo. This plant is expected to use over 7 million bushels of corn per year to produce 20 million gallons of ethanol.

Farmers involved in this revolutionary project are to be commended for their vision and dedication in creating jobs, increasing economic development and fostering prosperity right here in the U.S. -- not in places like Iraq, Iran or Saudi Arabia.


Gary Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

Missouri Corn Growers Association