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Speakout 8/16

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I just wanted to say that I agree with the "Watch Who You Blame" caller. You are right! A lot of the blame lies right under our noses, at the feet of our "pillars of the community." They are the ones who are defrauding the government by raising the prices on the medicines and services, once they learn you are on medical assistance with the state. We all know what they say about money-hungry people though, once they've had a taste of it, they have to have it all the time. There's no way these people are going to actually charge the government the true price. But when you want to get down to it, the government employees are at fault as well. They are the ones who have to pay these doctors and pharmacies. They should have some sort of a pay scale and stick to it. Anything over, well the doctor or pharmacy must either use it as a tax write off or maybe they will actually lower their prices. I think they are all to blame! There are a lot of lazy people who are on welfare as well, which is to blame too. We can't leave these folks out now. They sure aren't helping the problem. Not sure how anyone can be "proud of themselves" for not being able to make a living or to be able to support your family by holding down a job or keeping your system clean. If they are just too dumb to work, there are all kinds of government programs offered to help them get smart. Maybe they should, get smart that is.

I would like to speak out on the way some adults act during little league baseball games. I was at a tournament the weekend of the 5th in Kentucky. Sikeston had several teams there. I can not believe the way some of the adults acted during the ball games. I saw coaches cursing and getting thrown out. I saw a coach screaming at an umpire while standing only three feet away from a 7-year-old ball player. I saw parents getting ejected from the park. There are a couple of stepfathers and or boyfriends that come to the games, these men need to realize they should be there for support, not to set around haggling the umpires, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing sodas on the ground, telling other parents to sit down and shut up while they are trying to calm them down so the game can continue. Leave these men at home if they are going to act this way. These kids deserve the chance to play baseball without having to be subjected to this kind of behavior. This is supposed to be fun for them. They are supposed to learn how to play the game and learn good sportsmanship and how to treat others. They watch us, and learn from every move we make. I can not believe these people would act this way in front of anyone much less our children. Sikeston was not represented well at all. I was embarrassed for our teams and city. I have one piece of advice, if you can't hold yourself together, stay home!! Try coming to the ballpark, relax, have some nachos, make some friends, and watch your kids have fun. After all, that's the only reason we are there in the first place.

In response to the woman saying mind your own business. Lady, it is our business! We, as (working) taxpayers are footing the bill. Where do you think all your freebies come from, Santa? Your son's medicine bills may be over $400 a month but mine is more. I work to pay for my medicine. If I don't have enough money, I do without. You also wondered how we know there is abuse. I know because I have worked in the medical field for years. I watch it daily. Sure there are doctors out there who abuse the system but there are a lot of doctors who take a cut to see Medicaid patients. Those of us who pay our bills do not go to the doctor every time we stump our toe or have a cold. I have watched people go to the emergency room for minor things, use ambulance for aches and pains and taxi service. That is abuse. IT IS OUR BUSINESS also because we pay the bill. When you call 911 for a stomach ache or cut toe IT IS OUR BUSINESS when our tax money goes to pay an emergency room visit for a cold when it would be cheaper to go to the doctor. IT IS OUR BUSINESS when our tax money goes to pay for medicine for fake illnesses or for medicine we can't afford. Don't tell me it is none of my business when social security might not be there for me when I have worked my whole life and watch fake disability claims drain our system. IT IS OUR BUSINESS when people who live off the system live better than those of us who work. What makes you think you are privileged and should be taken care of by hard working citizens who take care of their own and you?