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How to avoid truancy and problem attendance

Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's pretty much common sense that students who are in school will learn more than those who are not, but there are some things even the smartest parents may forget when it comes to their child's education. The following are a few reminders for the upcoming school year:

-- Set expectations for children that going to school every day is required, and then help them achieve those expectations.

-- Know what time your child's school starts. This information should've been included in enrollment information, but if it hasn't call the school.

-- Attend open houses and parent-teacher conferences. If you show your child you care, then your child will see you believe education is important, and they will believe it, too.

-- Meet your child's teacher(s) and provide teachers with additional contact information, i.e.: e-mail addresses, work phone numbers, cell phone numbers.

-- For teenagers, plan to arrive at school 15 minutes before it starts to avoid being late and if your parents leave for work before you, get up when they do so you don't oversleep.

-- Provide documentation for absences, i.e.: doctor's excuse.

-- Know school policies regarding attendance, such as attendance requirements for certain classes such as college credit courses.

-- Don't schedule nonemergency doctor's appointments for the same hour. For example, if you visit the orthodontist during first period, then schedule the appointment for a different period next time. Or schedule appointments after school.

-- Realize schools, parents, students are on the same team. Rather than get defensive if a situation with your child arises, ask "How can we fix this?"

Sources: Scott and Mississippi County Juvenile Office, Sikeston R-6 Schools and New Madrid County R-1 Schools