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Speakout 10/13

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Would you please refresh our memory on how the Clinton Building was funded, who built it and how it got its name?

The city received a donation from Ray Clinton for the construction of the building and furnishing which amounted to about 44 percent of the total cost, according to Jiggs Moore, director of the city's parks and recreation department. The balance was funded by the city. The name came from Mr. Clinton.

Yes, I'm so appalled that someone thinks we have only had a few good players come out of East Prairie. I would like to go way back and talk about players like Danny Johnson, Darrell Williams, Billy Williams. They were awesome. Then there was Ed Williams. There are minority players that came out of East Prairie that's done just as much as any other player. Paris Tipler is a phenomenal player. He has a raw talent. East Prairie needs to shape up and realize when you have a winning team, drop the color and let's go to State. It is time for us to make history. It's time for East Prairie to do something big, wonderful and good, other than winning the cheerleading state championship. Nothing against the cheerleaders. They have always been awesome. Boys, this is your time to shine. It is not about where your child lives, how much money your child has, it is not about who the parent is. It is about let's go to State and win. Talent is talent, I don't care who it comes from. The coaches are doing a wonderful job. They are looking at the boys according to their talent. We have a freshman, he is in the ninth grade, that's out. I think his name is M.C. Williams. He's gonna be an awesome player someday. East Prairie, hang in there. You have all kinds of boys on your team, all different colors and nationalities. You are a team. Forget about what the peoples on the outside say and let's play football. Take us to State, baby.

Good afternoon. Subject, FEMA disaster relief. An Arizona police department and FEMA releasing them because they had more people with firearms. What are we gonna do when Jesse Jackson and his payload of followers go from Skylar from St. Louis to Memphis down there. You think his bodyguards don't have guns? Okay, you're not gonna kick them out and send them back there. Oh Lord no. Not Jesse Jackson and his followers. They're supposed to be down there helping. What do you think these people from Arizona was, the fire department? And also, this thing in Oregon, this assisted suicide, I'm for it. So why should the government detain our lives? This ain't Russia or Cuba. Ladies and gentlemen, let's take back our country. We know we got half the country all foreigners anyway. It's time. I'm an ex-Marine and I'm tired of this crap. Our government has got us in to this mess. People, we are going to have to stand up for ourselves.

I would like to commend the Standard-Democrat for giving the 63rd annual American Legion Cotton Carnival such excellent coverage. Tim Jaynes did an outstanding job on his pictures and editorials. Thank you. Fantastic job. Geniece Kinder

Mike, I hope you have enough backbone to print this. But, this is to the Bush lover. If Bush is done such a good job, why are his approval ratings dropping everyday? Are we all wrong about Bush and you the only one right? Bush has started a illegal, personal war in Iraq. Clinton was impeached for having sex, not for lying to the American public to sell an illegal war, like Bush did. Look at the gas prices, look at the economy, look at the jobs, look at the weeks it took to get help to New Orleans for the Hurricane Katrina victims. Are we all wrong about Bush? 67 percent of the American public think he's doing a terrible job. Miss Bush lover think he's just so outstanding and doing such a good job. Duh.

I want to comment on a speakout the fifth of this month, where they was talking about Bill Clinton and Bush being a wonderful person and all that. Clinton may have done some things wrong in the White House, but one thing about it, Bush has too. He just took his out side the White House. Over there in Iraq killing all those people that don't even deserve to be killed. Getting our boys killed, that's even worse than anything Bill Clinton ever done. That's my opinion. And as far as Bush being as good a president as Bill Clinton. He can't even hold a light to Bill Clinton. He ain't even president material. At least Bill Clinton wasn't a dope head and a alcoholic before he got in the White House.