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Nobody asked me but . . .

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nobody asked me but...what fun it was to see a wide-open offense run by the Hayti Indians. Running from the shotgun, Hayti understands that most defenses in the area struggle with pass defense. Nothing fancy, just throw to the flat and 95 percent of the time a receiver will be open.

The best offensive lineman in the area that I have seen is William Cooper (6

-5, 250) from Hayti. This kid is a beast and he is only a sophomore. If he can keep his head on straight, look for big things in the years to come.

East Prairie has the horses to score but if they expect to make some noise in districts, they must solidify their defense. More specifically, pass defense has got to be a primary concern.

Giving up 202 passing yards to Chaffee is not a good sign, especially when Caruthersville and their wide-open offense is in the same district.

Defensive linemen Brad Daugherty and Kippy Lawson of Chaffee should get some all-conference honors for their play on the defensive line. They continually lead their team in tackles from positions not known for huge tackling totals. The good news for Red Devil fans is that both Daugherty and Lawson will return next year for their senior seasons.

It has been a pleasure for your humble scribe to cover first-year head coaches Cory Adkisson of East Prairie and Shawn Jackson of Hayti. Both coaches express a deep love for the game of football and a concern for the well-being of their players. Being around these gentlemen, one cannot help but become pumped up for football.

When high schools have homecoming activities, one request please; have them at halftime of the football game. What is this having it before kickoff? Many will not arrive to the game until right before, so it makes much more sense to have it at halftime so everyone will be able to enjoy the ceremony.

High school football is synonymous with Friday nights and they should stay that way. What is with Thursday and Saturday games? Don't give me that teams get an extra day for preparations for playoffs. Hogwash! High school football was meant for Friday nights so keep it that way.

Whatever happened to high school bands? Don't tell me they still have them. No sir, what is being played at halftime is not a band, more of an ensemble. Where are the numbers? It is a disgrace, plain and simple.

It is now or never for the Sikeston football team. Kennett (3-3) comes to town and now would be a good time for a victory. Although Class 4, District 1 is up in the air, no one likes to go in without a victory. Sikeston will break through against the Indians and get a home victory, 21-14.

The battle for Mississippi County will be played at East Prairie as the Eagles will take on the Bluejays from Charleston. The Bluejays are reeling after the humbling loss to the Dexter Bearcats while the Eagles look primed after their rushing attack ran wild against Chaffee. East Prairie will be fired up but in the end Charleston will gain the victory 31-26.

The game of the week in Southeast Missouri will pit Dexter against Caruthersville. The Tigers will feature running back sensation Kendrickus Reed while the Bearcats will counter with workhorse Alex Becker. Finesse versus blue-collar, Caruthersville's speed versus Dexter's size. Take your pick. I pick the size in the trenches for Dexter. Bearcats will win 30-24.

It is official, shut down the football program at SEMO. Can they play in Division III? If SIU can compete and win, why can't SEMO? Time for a fresh face and the Indians should not start at the end of the season , not next week but start searching NOW for a new head coach.

And finally, nobody asked me but...if one more pro athlete complains about money I am taking my big screen TV and throwing it out the window. First, Latrell Sprewell says he needs a contract extension so that he can afford to feed his family. I guess a family can't live on $14 million a year anymore. The latest, and maybe greatest, quote of all time concerning the money issue is from Denver Nugget Marcus Camby.

The NBA has issued a new dress code that says players should wear a collared shirt and jacket among other items.

Camby has said that if the rule sticks, the NBA should pay the players a stipend for clothing allowance.

That's right, a STIPEND! NBA players do need this because the average salary in the league is only $4 million a year. Marcus Camby...just shut up!