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SpeakOut 12/30

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mike, I get up every hour or two and go potty. Is that the same thing as get up and putter?

Pretty close!

This is to the concerned parent who called in about late nights and early mornings, about her child working at McDonald's and Burger King. I would rather their child be working than running the streets. There's a lot of parents who don't know where their kids are at after one o'clock and it's not because they're working either. It's because they don't keep tabs on them, they're not at home at a reasonable hour. This is on weekends and school nights. So, you know, you may be a different parent, but I'd rather them be working than running the streets.

I know a mentally challenged lady that needs help with some extra-large clothing. She's in dire need. If anyone has anything, can they please help her? 380-8497

I am a citizen of Lilbourn. I would like to invite the citizens of New Madrid who moved out of Lilbourn, back home. Our water, sewer and trash rates are now lower than New Madrid's. The way their electric rates are going up it won't be too long that our electric rates will be lower. Our house prices and lot prices are also lower. We will welcome you back with open arms. If you never lived in Lilbourn, we invite you also.

I would just like to congratulate the Sikeston Bulldogs on all their wins. Me and my husband are fans and go to as many games as we can. But there is something we parents and a few other fans had noticed at the Notre Dame game. There were quite a few players out there that were doing a really good job. But there were a few of the starters out there just kind of being lazy, throwing the ball up in the air, not even making shots. The players out there that were working hard were getting chewed out. Another thing, you've got more talent sitting on the bench than just your five starters. There's a lot of talent on the team. I couldn't believe we saw some of the talented players sitting on the bench the entire game who didn't even get a chance to play.

I have a question. When someone applies for disability, they have to wait six months to decide whether they get it or not. If you get welfare or food stamps, you get it immediately. What's the difference?

I noticed in SpeakOut where someone was wondering where they could get good fried catfish. I know a place. It's at New Madrid. It's Johnson's Restaurant. You can watch them cook. It's a very good, clean restaurant. It's worth your drive to New Madrid. They have fish Thursday and Friday. It's very, very good.

- - -

In response to Feathers and Fins, try Johnson's on Main Street in New Madrid for fried catfish and fried chicken on Thursdays and Fridays.