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Speakout 6/26

Monday, June 26, 2006

According to a Post Dispatch article on Paul McCartney turning 64 on Sunday, at 65 in England he will be entitled to a basic pension from the British government at least $156 a week and a free transit pass, that in addition to national health care in England probably explains why the recent comparative studies show that British citizens and Canadian citizens are far healthier at all economic levels than Americans who are harassed, worried, being worked to death and have no security at all, especially we have no transportation system. Who would use a transit pass over here? If we had higher education paid for as they do in Europe, just like high school. If we had national health care. If we had a full transportation system for everyone and if we had old age pensions, 90 percent of the ads on our public corporate television stations would be pointless. You wouldn't even hear them. Under those national health care plans, you also could not choose your own physician, as one example. Old age pension? Have you not heard of Social Security? The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but you'd better look again.

Don't trespass

This is in response to the ones who are complaining about people trespassing on their property on North Ingram. Why don't you just check your land survey and if you own the property back to the pond then put a electric fence up. That would take care of your trespassing problem. I am getting tired of reading about this in Speakout every time I turn around when the ones who are doing the trespassing probably don't read the paper anyway if they can't even read a contract and understand that the right to use the pond doesn't come with renting the apartments or it would be in the contract. I agree with the ones of you who say that if someone gets hurt or drowns in the pond that someone would have to be held responsible. And that someone would be the property owners. Now in my opinion the only one who has the right to use the pond from the apartments is the owner since he does own the property. As far as having kids out on the water with out flotation devices is plain stupid and the ones who do deserve to have their children taken away from them for child endangerment. That pond has been there for a long time and should be respected as the deadly environment that it could be. I work with a local fire department and I have seen in my past experiences just how dangerous water can be it should be respected and should only be used by the ones who do have respect for it. As far as people trespassing on the pond that would be like someone coming onto a private resort where you have to own property and using it the owners would not let that happen so do something about people trespassing on the pond.