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Hurricane Katrina will leave lasting legacy

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Why are so many Democratic politicians trying to point fingers of blame toward the Bush administration for the relief efforts in Louisiana? To tell the truth, I am absolutely sickened by their response. How could anyone try to make political gains on the backs of the thousands of people killed and left homeless following Hurricane Katrina?

If you take the time to examine the disaster plan for New Orleans - and I have - the first responsibility falls on the shoulders of the city officials followed by the state officials. They are then instructed to alert FEMA to coordinate all efforts.

But to hear the Democratic politicians tell it, the failure was the response time of the federal government. Sounds like someone is trying desperately to cover their tracks.

But regardless of the details, you can't help but be proud of the national response, including the local efforts here to help those impacted. In my lifetime I have never seen such a universal desire to help those in times of need. You can't escape the efforts of local citizens to do something for those they have never met. That gives great promise.

There are dire predictions concerning the political fallout from this disaster. But I believe the political fallout will hit those who are trying to blame others for their own mistakes. I also believe the civil rights "leaders" have clearly abandoned their constituents for the sake of the limelight. I am repulsed at some of the asinine charges coming from the mouths of those who know better. Their shame will shadow them for the remainder of their days. And well it should.

Case by case, family by family, this disaster will be overcome. The lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina will be threefold. First, the response of individuals pitching in to help their neighbors will be one lasting memory of this disaster. Second, the lies told by those who seek political gain will be long remembered. And third, the lawlessness that enveloped New Orleans will provide a portrait of shame for this nation well into the future.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen