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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 9/8

Thursday, September 8, 2005

My parents are buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Morley. I was there this past weekend, and the grass is not being mowed. Repeat, not being mowed. It's at least a foot tall. It looks terrible.

- - -

If anyone has loved ones buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Morley, and hasn't been there in a while, it looks terrible. My mom and dad are buried there. I was there over the weekend and the grass is at least 12 inches high. It used to be a very well-kept cemetery, but now it looks awful. Something needs to be done now.

I'm calling from Texas about Cindy Sheehan over at Crawford, Texas. I believe by Wednesday she will go to Washington, D.C. and she will be blaming Bush for the weather we are having, the hurricane and all that in the Gulf states because he prays too much. And if she would like to do honor to her 24-

year-old son, she would shut her mouth. Thank you.

I'm calling Speakout to see if I can find someone who has a medium-sized taxi for a dog. If you have one that you would sell or donate or give away, would you please put your number in the paper, and I will call you.

I would like to Speakout about the gas prices. I was over in Dexter last week. They have a big station over there by the Wal-Mart and gas there is only $2.22.9. The highest price I saw there was $2.34.9. It looks like Sikeston could come down on their gas if Dexter can sell theirs at that price.

Another mosquito complainer in Blodgett. The highway department dug two big fire pits right east of town here and they hold water. They didn't dig enough to hold fish, but they just have enough stagnated water for mosquitoes to hatch and raid us here in town. I think the highway department should take care of this since they are the ones that created the problem.

To the person who complains about what all the president makes and the cost and everything. Just remember Slick Willy got that. And Slick Willy is the reason we are in the mess we are in today. He ignored it and he could have gotten rid of Bin Laden. This 9/ll deal, wake up and look at the facts. You're uneducated.

I'm an old person, senior citizen, and I would like to know how you're gonna buy these vehicles with employee discount and all that. And still cost you an arm and a leg. And how you gonna pay that? And it cost an arm and a leg for fuel to run them on. The big cost is running them. It eats your billfold up to run them. I'm ready to go back to a horse and buggy.

This is to the scum who stole my trash Aug 28. Don't get any ideas. I know who you are, and I will come hunt it.