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Speakout 10/21

Friday, October 21, 2005

Is the city of Sikeston still trying to find a solution to our blackbird problem?

During their regular meeting in September, the City Council decided to initiate a baiting program for blackbirds this year under the direction of Robert Byrd, wildlife specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the University of Missouri's Delta Center in Portageville. The program, which is slated to begin sometime in November, will use an avicide to kill about 2.5 million blackbirds. For more information, please visit our archive section at www.standard-democrat.com to read the full story.

I think that the people who threw a fit at the soccer game Thursday night, October 13, at the 7 p.m. game, who were driving the red car, were completely out of line and were being very immature and juvenile. Screaming and yelling at the coaches where everyone could see. The language used in front of the children was inappropriate to say the least. All they accomplished were embarrassing their selves and their children. Their actions were way worse than anything they could have been complaining about. Taking their child out of the game hurt him in more ways than one. Parents who yell at coaches should try coaching some of the time. Lots of times these people are begged to coach because no one else will do it. And, they do it at a great sacrifice of their time. Then, the parents make it impossible for them. You should see the looks you get from other people and the things they say. Any parent guilty of this should be ashamed. You make a total fool of yourself.

Congratulations to Jessica Harrington. Wear your crown for all to see, and wave your banner high. Keep God in your life. You deserve the best. We love you, Your granny.

I got my flu shot today at the health department in Sikeston. That is really a nice building. I got in and out so fast that I didn't even have time to visit. Good job.

The fall is here. Trees are turning colors. The air is crisp and clear. And then our local farmers have to burn the fields and spread chicken droppings everywhere. Why is it you can't smoke a cigarette in restaurants only in certain places, but they can smoke and smell up the whole country? Everyone concerned please write Jo Ann Emerson and Mr. Lanie Black and complain. We need this stopped now. If farmers would think about their neighbors, instead of themselves, we would have a clean and beautiful place to enjoy all season. Maybe if they had to pay some of the doctor bills around here they would reconsider. This is one of the higher areas for the highest rate of cancer than anywhere in the country. I wonder why.