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Speakout 2/15

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We've been talking about the train situation in our household. The other day we were going over the tracks and happened to have to stop for a train. My 3-year-old said, "Mommy, why don't they just build a bridge where you can drive over the train?" So come on Union Pacific, if a 3-year-old can figure it out, you can too.

I just wanted to say that Morley is sure glad that our cop left us and went over to Oran and joined their staff. We love our free town.

I read in the paper where Morley and Oran is complaining that they are losing money because of the new police chief. This is because people are afraid to get drunk and drive like they used to.

This is to When Ignorance Freezes Over. What you don't understand is that that Power Plant out there does not give us an ounce, not one ounce, of our heat or anything else. It happens to run the Southern states. And as for those trains, they don't need to be coming through Sikeston. If they don't have enough common sense to get on their whistles on one end of town and keep them running to the other end of town, where people can't get any sleep, because some of us are not privileged enough to work days. We have to work nights. So, they come through town with their little whistles blowing. Then maybe they can keep everybody awake. Let someone in your family get sick where the ambulance can't get to them. If they want to keep the trains coming through Sikeston, find some way to keep them from cutting off half of Sikeston. Let's be really stupid. Here's your sign.

People from Arkansas should stay in Arkansas or learn how to drive on the righthand side of the road or drive the speed limit when they're on the left side.

I'd like to comment about the Oran chief. I think he is doing a fabulous job. He has quietened down our town, which will make people want to move to Oran. He's stopped a lot of this dope, this speeding, the loud noise. And if these businesses that are claiming they have lost $40,000 in business, would this $40,000 pay for their mother's or father's or daughter's or son's death if an intoxicated person left the bars and the chief didn't stop them and maybe killed some of their family? I am so proud of our chief. I hope he keeps doing a good job. Thank you very much.

I keep seeing this ad on TV about children being one of our greatest joys. Then tell me why they grow up to ignore and push aside their parents? Don't bother to say it's their parents faults, because we don't have their minds. When they grow up, they change. I've known some who put their parents in nursing homes and only go around to see them at Christmas time and at holidays so they won't be blamed for ignoring them.