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Speakout 2/7

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I would just like to comment on Chris Moore's article in the February 1 issue. The Sikeston cheerleaders are the hardest working around southeast Missouri. The are the only ones that I know of that cheer at football, volleyball, girls basketball, boys basketball and wrestling. Plus, they have practices every week. These girls cheer about 3 to 4 times a week and this is only at home games. Do you really expect them to travel with every team in every sport during the week? Oh, by the way they have been to both of the out of town Friday basketball games, one in Dexter and the other at Notre Dame. They will sure be at Cape next Friday too. When do you think these girls would be able to do their homework, and have a life of their own if they are going to ALL out of town events? Well, the answer is NEVER! Besides cheering at most of the sporting events, they also prepare to go to state competition in Columbia, Mo. There they have placed in the top 3 for years! Tell me what other squad around here has done that! I think the Sikeston Cheerleaders are great girls with tons of responsibility and spirit. Who else would stay all the way through a game that we are losing and still have the players back? No one. The Sikeston crowd always gets up and leaves with 2 minutes left of the game, but not the cheerleaders they SUPPORT their athletes. Also, these girls are role models to younger females. They have pride in what they do. Anyways, I thought your articles were supposed to be about the games and the teams, not dissing on high school students all the time. I suspect you must have went to all the games. Well, word around the street is you DIDN'T. Next time, get your facts straight and get a life.

Stirring it up

Some of the most dangerous men in America are Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. The sad thing is that George Bush is a pushover for both of them. He's soft and stinks like you know what and takes every word they say as the Holy gospel. I got a feeling they're going to declare war on Iran next, because they're not going to be satisfied until they stir it up somewhere else. Those two men are the worst thing that ever happened to this country.

I have just read another article on "How Our Schools Are Failing Our Children." I am tired of the hogwash and the statistics. At schools all over the United States and locally, our teachers and principals are constantly developing new techniques to make the material more easily understood. Our principals are constantly coming up with incentives to motivate our kids. The bottom line is that we have had a couple of generations who don't see the value of an education. And to put it bluntly, many are lazy and are in school only to make sure that some don't learn because of some student's poor behavior. Until we make the students accountable, we will continue to see the problem. I am a retired teacher still working for the system so I see this everyday.

I think Chris Moore probably needs to move to another town since he can't support the town he lives in.

This is addressed to the Postmaster. Could you please make sure that the stamp machine is filled? There are times that I don't have stamps and I go there to get one. I have never been down there that there is not a sign that says "Out of Order." It's at the most inconvenient times. There is no one there to help you. I understand you have certain hours to work and to be open, but it's very likely that every time you go the stamp machine is out of order. Could you please fix it or fill it up?