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SpeakOut 10/30

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Call 471-6636

I would like to tell a story that can warm your heart and can also anger people. It seems to happen a lot, especially in the country area. I would just like to make a way so that we can have some rescuing out here for some dogs. As we drove down a country road, we were approached by a truck driving very fast. As they passed us and we topped the next hill, what I thought was a small flock of turkeys turned out to be five little puppies that were very skittish and starved. Their ribs and stomachs were sunk in. Only God and the people in the truck know if they were responsible for dumping these puppies. But, it took me about 20 minutes to get these puppies loaded in my mini-van. I did and they are all in need of a fun, loving home. They could change the lives of anyone who would like to be part of their rescuing. If you would like more information about these sweeties, please call me at 421-6194. Let's hope we can rescue five more puppies who could have had their lives ended by being dumped on a country road.

I'd like to speak out about my neighbors. I live in Sikeston in an apartment, a townhouse actually. I just want my neighbors to know, you all calling the landlady and telling here there's a bunch of noise over here, you are lying through your teeth. It's nothing but lies. If you want to live in a nursing home, then you need to go find you a place in a nursing home. I'm one of the best renters in town or in the world. I pay my rent every month. I don't miss one month paying my rent. How about you? I'm here to stay. You go ahead and chomp your jaws. Meanwhile, you need to turn your music down and watch company you keep. Just lay off of me 'cause you might as well. You could have come to my door and knocked instead of running to the landlady. From now on I'm going to call for every little thing I hear from over there.

I'm reading the Friday, Oct. 19 issue of The Standard. In the editorial page, your view I see where Bill D. Burlison has made the comment that all the mistakes President Bush has made, that it will be extremely difficult for any Democrat to exceed or surpass what he's done since he's been in office. For those of you who don't remember Mr. Burlison, he ought to know. He's been there and done that. He knows how to waste taxpayers' money.

Mike, I want to know what's going on with the Sikeston ethanol plant. I've put a small amount of money in it, actually it's a large amount of money for me. Nobody is giving out any information about what's going on. You know, you would think that the investors who have already invested money in it would be told what's going on. But no, they're being quiet. So I'm asking you, what's going on?

- - -

Mike, I want to deliver corn to the new ethanol plant in September of next year. It's already October. It's time to start building. What is the building schedule?

- - -

Some of these stockholders of Bootheel Agri-Enery, better known as the Sikeston Ethanol Plant, think it's not going to happen. They think it was not capitalized and banks are not going to loan them money. Can you do a little research on that and publish what's going on? We would like to know.

A spokesperson for Bootheel Agri-Energy LLC said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will not allow them to put out information in writing at this time. If you are a current investor and have questions, feel free to call the BAE office at 471-9952 or visit the office at 1214 Linn Street in Sikeston.

This is a call regarding No husband, no announcement. When has it been anyone's business at what age someone can have sex. And just because the father isn't in there, there's probably a good reason. So, mind your own business.