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Speakout 11/4

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm really happy to hear that our representative, Jo Ann Emerson, is backing Rudy Guilani on his campaign for Republican president. I'm pleased with Jo Ann for making such a wise choice. You go, girl!

Charleston needs a liberal Democrat appointed job to tell us how to run our town. We're gonna get 50 low income families and our old dilapidated housing will be fixed up. Charleston will probably lose that many good tax paying citizen because we're tired of it

Concerning the caller about the Mentos Pepsi experiment contest at Cape, about the wasted drinks. How could you Mr. Editor, give such a smart-aleck comment to someone who is just concerned about the waste of food. You really are the ultimate unfeeling snob with a total lack of empathy. What do you think people do that don't have a spare dime or a spare nickel? You've never known have you. And you obviously lack the imagination and the empathy yourself. Why didn't you let the comment stand? Back off.

I heard twice yesterday on the news, whether or not the United States has an economic depression depends on the American consumer. It does no such thing. It depends on the elite of this country who have taken their money, taken their jobs elsewhere, who have deserted the American people and no longer deserve to retain their American citizenship. I would it take away and make them operate in the countries they've chosen to take their jobs to. The American consumer has no money to spend for the most part.

I was looking at your shortage of nurses being a growing concern in the area. You have plenty of nurses in Sikeston, they are just older and not coming out of school. The problem is nobody wants to pay nurses what they are worth. Therefore, they are not working. There is no shortage. It's the lack of employers wanting to pay a decent wage or give any benefits. Sikeston and the surrounding area is known for cheap labor. And with cheap labor, you get bad service. Most of these nurses have 10-15 years of experience, and they know not to work for peanuts. There's no shortage of nurses, there's a shortage of decent employers.

Doggone it, Dogwood

I have always enjoyed my drive home on Highway B, which most of us refer to as Dogwood Road. Lately I have noticed an eyesore. It looks like someone is using their land as a dump. There are what looks like white trash bags piled up on this land, and it just looks awful. Landowners, what are you thinking? People of Dogwood Community, do not let someone ruin your beautiful Dogwood Road.