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Your View: Column wasn't funny

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Dear Sir or madam

I have been a resident of Sikeston for almost a year now and have become an avid reader of your publication.

Recently, I stumbled across an article labeled "humor" written by David Jenkins and was appalled. The article was dated 2/15/06 and was titled "These Olympics Leave Me Cold". As a freelance writer myself, I understand humor and sarcasm and realize that sometimes either is not in good taste to everyone. However, I never thought belittlement, discrimination, and stereotypes were really things that your staff encouraged.

In Mr. Jenkins humor column, he implies that all male figure skaters are homosexual. He blatantly compares them to "Rock Hudson and Elton John," two gay male celebrities. He also goes on to refer to these athletes as "fruits" and admits to hoping that they fall during their performances. Mr. Jenkins may be a bigot, but surely your editorial staff read this article and gave it the seal of approval as well before it was turned over to be printed. Not only is it in bad taste to stereotype all male figure skaters as homosexual, but it is also unpatriotic to wish that they fail in their performances that represent the United States of America.

I guess the real humor in all of this is that I will probably get some sort of standard apology letter that will have no impact on how your paper feels in regards to promoting hate amongst our community; and that Mr. Jenkins will still get to write his column, which your editorial staff will still continue to believe is funny. Sincerely,

Lisa Davis


I will not apologize for my column. In fact, I did not imply that all men figure skaters were homosexual. However, I did imply that all men figure skaters dressed liked "Rock Hudson and Elton John," who I think we all agree are flamboyant dressers. And I do not wish to see all the American men figure skaters fall, I wish to see all male figure skaters fall. However, as you said in your letter humor and sarcasm are not always in good taste to everyone. David Jenkins