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Speakout 3/16

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I would like to make a comment to the individual that ran into my wife and son's vehicle Sunday night, March 5th, at the intersection of HH and H in Miner/Sikeston and fled the scene. Please turn yourself in and get some help. You are a threat to yourself and everyone on or near the streets. You will kill someone one of these days and I hope that you suffer the same fate as those unfortunate enough to be on the same path with you. I know you think you got away with driving drunk or under the influence of drugs (not to mention you probably are driving without insurance or a license) but your time will come and I hope it's not at the expense of somebody's loved one. Everyone stay out of the way of a brown colored primer colored 80's model Chevy Caprice. Please comment if you have had a similar issue.

George Bush's handlers are very clever. They saw how incompetent he was as President, so they manufactured a war in Iraq on false pretenses and then declared that no one could criticize the president during a time of war. Ever hear of "Wag the Dog"?

I need some feedback on something. I am suffering from some kind of skin disorder. It starts with like a fungus or ringworm or something. It turns into a white, dry scab and then it turns red and scars. It itches really bad. My scalp is white and it itches so bad that sometimes I want to scream. I've been to doctor after doctor. They can't seem to give me anything for this and I can't afford a skin doctor. If anybody out there knows what I can do or has had anything like this and knows how to treat this, please put it in SpeakOut. I am really miserable because I scratch and itch. Sometimes my head and stomach even bleed. I cry with this a lot because it really hurts.

I'm calling in response to the 24 Hour Doctor comment that was referring to the group of six doctors and said that all of them lived out of town but one doctor. My question is why wasn't the facility open with just that one doctor working? Couldn't that one doctor with some of the staff that lived in town been open to help the critically ill? Not everybody can afford to go the ER. It's a very, very costly thing sometimes. It's really there for the chronically sick. After 9 o'clock, most of the roads were clear anyway. I don't understand why this one facility was closed. Let's face it. Really the only thing that closes when the roads are bad are the schools. Is there a school teacher running this place?

This is to the person who said they were fearless on the west end of town because they were getting tickets for noise ordinances. Well, I don't want to hear your music and when you are rattling the windows in my house you are a little bit too loud. I don't like your type of music and you don't like my type of music if I was to set there and turn mine up. So, if you want loud music I suggest you use the headset then you're not bothering anybody and you may not get a ticket that way.