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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 2/28

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I was kind of wondering about these trains that are going through Sikeston late at night about 50 or 60 miles an hour. What happens if one of them derails? Now they're hauling chlorine and nuclear waste. In some towns they've derailed and they've had to evacuate the towns. When those things spill, it takes a long time for the people to be able to come back in because of the clean up. I thought we had a noise ordinance here in town for the cars and trucks and music. These trains are making more noise than they are and there is a noise ordinance. The trains aren't complying with the ordinance.

I have a question. Tell me one thing. Every time they raise taxes on some things that some poor person that gets out there and works in the world and works their backside off or the ones who try to find work, why don't they take a certain amount out of every governor, senator, representative, judge congressman's wages to pay them? After all, it is the poor person that gets out there and works every day that pays their salaries.

This is to the persons, we know there were two of you, who broke into our house on Feb. 14. Did you really have to break the window out of the door? You stole our son's guitar. I'm sure you have been to our house many times. I know we have sat and talked to you. What did our son do to you to make you do this kind of crime against him? Furthermore, what did we do? We were only nice to each and everyone of you who came to our house. So we think you need to take a look at yourself and think how sad you really are. What you did is like biting the hand that feeds you. But I am sure you sold it for something that you thought was important to you, but let me tell you, our son's guitar was important to him, too. It was a gift for his birthday from us, his parents. I am really broken hearted that there are people who you think are your friends but really are your enemies. There is a reward for information that leads to the return of the guitar. The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Double Cut Plus. It has a transparent red finish. Any information please call 472

-1723, day or night.

I just wanted my doctor to know how frustrating it is for me to get out in the cold and on the snowy roads to come and see you because I have made an appointment with you and you're not there. Matter of fact, no one was there. It's very frustrating. If I can make the effort because I feel bad to come see you, then you should make the effort to be there. I thought that was part of the Hippocratic oath that you are supposed to take care of me at all times. You would almost think you are a school teacher instead of a doctor the way you was closed. Thank goodness that the ER was open.

Who asked you?

Everybody seems to not like Chris Moore from Nobody Asked Me. Well, nobody needs to ask him anymore.

We like you, Chris.