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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Speakout 9/24

Sunday, September 24, 2006

No wonder people calls the American people stupid. I went into a department store and they wanted $18 for a little girls shorts outfit. I went in another store and there was one for $3. I looked at the name tag and they were both made in Indonesia. We Americans are suckers. We pay for the store's name.

Mike I know you are a racist man when it comes to Democrats and Republicans but I want you to put this in here because it's the truth. There is no Hezbollah. There are no terrorists. They are all working for Iran. That's what the Israeli prime minister said on TV. We don't need to be over there on the war. It is a civil war. All it all boils down to is oil. When he goes out, he wants the Republicans to stay in so they can keep building that pipeline over there. Just wait and see. If you want your people to come home, vote Democrat. If you don't we're probably gonna stay over there and there will probably be a lot worse mess than there has been.

Mike this statement is in regard to your editorial, Legislature failed to inform Medicaid. You surely know the whistle blowers that you want to alert the state of fraud of the medical community would be the people you describe as low life cheaters of the system that sit around waiting for handouts that won't work even if given the chance. These people will turn in their own grandmother for cigarette money, therefore there would be an enormous amount of accusations of fraud that medical providers would have to defend themselves against. For sure, professional liability insurance would sky rocket. Many medical providers would even leave their profession as a result, they would most certainly stop taking Medicaid which would leave our most vulnerable citizens including the elderly and children not to receive medical treatment. Then I guess you would think that the elderly and children are also free loaders. I agree that there needs to be a way to stop the fraud of Medicaid recipients and the provider, but that is certainly not the way.

I'm an elderly lady. I can't say how bad I was treated the other night. I had to walk to the ambulance and I almost didn't make it. I was really sick. I woke up choking and coughing really bad, I almost lost my breath, couldn't breath. As I got in to the ambulance, there was nobody back there to help me. Both of the men sat up in the front of the ambulance and I was scared to death. I couldn't breath. They acted like it was nothing, like I was lying to them. I don't go to the hospital very much. I don't guess I've been in a year or so. After I got to the hospital, the nurses were so cold to me and everything. Then I didn't get any decent treatment there. I don't know what has happened to humanity. I was afraid the other night, I was scared to death. I just didn't feel any human compassion at all for me.

I was recently in a store and went in to pick up some doughnuts for my family for a church social. I looked into the case and there were hundreds of flies all over them. I waited for 20 minutes for someone to wait on me and the man came over and I asked him what all the flies were doing in the case. He proceeded to laugh and tell me that he wouldn't sell me anything with flies on it and I told him that evidently he would because there they were. I spend over $600 to $700 a month at this store and I think it is very unprofessional for them to let flies build up in their doughnut case. I can see if it was maybe one or two, but hundreds? That's unbelievable.

We have a pickup truck on our block and when it starts and runs, it sounds like Steamboat Willy on dry land. Must need a manifold gasket or a muffler.