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Speakout 10/28

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My granddaughter is a Girl Scout Daisy and it was my understanding that the contest didn't start until Saturday. But I saw pictures in the paper today of some troops that had already started. Is that fair that they get to start before the contest officially starts?

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I was reading the paper tonight and I don't think it's fair that the one Daisy troop painted their window on Sunday when the competition of the contest doesn't start until next Saturday. I have a daughter also in Scouts. Most of the group I know, in fact all of them, will not paint their window until Saturday. I don't think it's right that ones painted theirs a week in advance.

Kudos to Mike Jensen for putting the facts about Hillary Clinton in the paper. She's always out there electioneering. Her ideas are wrong, wrong, wrong and I do mean wrong.

I absolutely agree with Mr. Heckemeyer's letter when he says our judicial system should be protected from political influence. But I wish he had been clear about where he stands on this St. John's Levee issue. I saw in SpeakOut where somebody said he was against it, but that's not what I read. He didn't really say. I want to say that I am against it. It's just another way to spend the taxpayers' money and lots of it! They've admitted it won't stop the flooding so why are we doing it? Spend, spend, spend, that's all these politicians know.

I was taking a walk and these two dogs came charging at me and my daughter, out of a yard at the house next to the Dolly Madison building. There was a lady that came driving up in a gray car and she was so nice to us. I just want to thank her. As for the owners of the dogs that were in the yard, you need to keep your dogs tied up because me and my daughter were almost killed.

The last time we had a Clinton in the White House, we went from a deficit to a surplus. It's going to take another Clinton to make that happen again.

This is to all the Webmasters for the Sikeston Public School System. I wish the various schools would update their Websites. I like to go on there to find out information about my child's school. Several of the websites have not been updated.

When I hear so-called Christian men point to their version of the Bible for "proof" of the superiority of men over women, it brings to mind an old saying, "The Devil can quote scripture to suit his purpose." These men harbor an irrational fear of powerful women and suffer from a severe case of infantile genitalia.

Oh, come on, Mike. Calling someone a partisan idiot just because they disagree with your ragging on Hillary Clinton tells me you need to get a grip. However, these are trying times for Republicans, and I can understand why you're losing control of yourself.

I'm glad to see Tony Heckemeyer is still around giving the local politicians fits. I wish he was still on the radio. It's fun to see so