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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Speakout 4/24

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yesterday on Highway 61 north of Sikeston, I found a ring of keys. I took them to the sheriff's office in Benton and dropped them off.

I don't have the number for SpeakOut, so I am hoping this can be put in. I want to thank the person who found my wallet and sales receipt in the buggy where I had left it in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Thursday, April 13th and turned it in to the service desk. I believe that angels are among is. May God richly bless you for your good deed. Thank you, Sheila Temple.

To the person who had the preaching license of Lucille Riggs and some of the things that had to do with the Church of the Nazarene, I would like for them to call the Church of the Nazarene office at 471-4403, if they would. We are in the office from 8 o'clock until noon and if we are not there they can leave a message on the machine. We are interested in the items.

I just read an article in the Standard-Democrat about Hugh Hefner and his three blonde girlfriends. I am completely disgusted with his behavior! Any decent American man would be satisfied with just one blonde. A man in his position should know better. He should have picked just ONE blonde and selected a nice brunette and redhead for the other two.

This is to the chubby, dark haired girl who wears a lot of makeup and works at the drive-thru of a Sikeston restaurant. You know who you are. I don't know what your story is, but I do know that you have a big problem. You are without a doubt the RUDEST snot-nosed brat! You need a major attitude adjustment and, one of these days, you're going to make the wrong person mad and they're going to knock you and that chip on your shoulder to China. I thought you were just having a bad day when you went off on me, but I know other people who also have been on the receiving end of your hostility. If you hate people and your job so much that you can't be civil to paying customers, why don't you quit so somebody else who knows how to be nice can have it? The manager has received complaints about you and the only reason I can figure that you are still there is that he does not have full command of the English language and apparently is too busy to observe your actions. You need to know that, especially in a small town, it isn't necessarily what you know but who you know. There are people who frequent that restaurant who may be in a position to help you out either now or in the future but won't because you ticked them off. The reputation your are establishing will precede you. You need to understand that your behavior is ugly and unacceptable. If you cannot control yourself, then you need professional help. I hope that somebody who cares about you reads this and recognizes who you are and will take the initiative to help you get your anger issues addressed.