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SpeakOut 10/17

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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I think his name is Michael Carr, a Democrat, running for the 2008 Presidential election. I would like to know if anybody out there knows anything about him or how he's doing in his campaign. No information was found on a Michael Carr running for the presidency.

I'm calling about the dust in Vanduser. It's not coming from the grainery, it's coming from the gin. The cotton gin is south of Vanduser and it's the cotton dust and lint that's getting all over everything. If you go outside, you get it all over you. And your eyes, you can see the cotton lint in the air. It's all over everything. Look at the house roofs. Cotton and lint all over them. That's where the problem is, the cotton gin. Today is Sunday, the cotton gin is not running. Go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

Today I'm reading the Sunday paper and I'm reading the birth announcements. Babies are great and I've had two. But I'm really bothered by the acknowledgment of parents having babies out of wedlock. I see in Sikeston alone there are two women with multiple children, no mention of a father, no mention of a grandfather. One couple, unmarried, are on their fourth child. I wonder if these kids are on the welfare system. My daughter informed me that there are kids in high school at Sikeston who have been pregnant multiple times. Where are the counselors? Where is the state? Where is the law being enforced on children having babies? Why are we celebrating women having babies left and right without any thought of the baby's future? All children deserve to be loved and appreciated but the parents shouldn't be commended in a public form like the Sikeston Democrat.

Michael Jensen, you know you write a lot of silly editorials that are worthy of laughter and I've done my share. But now I read that you are calling Hillary Clinton a Socialist. That's not funny, that's just pathetic. Apparently you have no idea what Socialism really is and you are just following the line of your mainstream Republicans. Democrats are Socialists. Come on, can't you do better than that?

You are a partisan idiot. Socialism is stamped throughout Senator Clinton's platform. Try reading it!

I want to comment on Mike Jensen's editorial that Hillary Clinton is wrong for America. I want to applaud him for writing that piece in the paper today.

A friend and I are senior citizens. We love to play Bingo. We went to Charleston today to play Bingo at the Knights of Columbus Hall. My friend needed I-28. He drew I-28 out and he put it in I-22 hole. He didn't realize he'd said and told people what he done. The people who would have bingoed on I-22 called Bingo, too. He knew my friend had bingoed but he paid the other three out of my friend's Bingo. I, for one, won't be going back. How long as he been doing that?