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Illegal immigration takes toll on nation

Thursday, March 9, 2006

We talk about illegal immigration and the social and economic impact surrounding the flood of immigrants who arrive in our country each day. Yet there is no agreement whatsoever on how to address the problem. This lack of national resolve on the issue of illegal immigration will cost us dearly in the future. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

On Wednesday, the Governor of Arizona sent a clear message however. Gov. Janet Napolitano ordered more National Guardsmen to be posted on the Mexican border to help stop illegal immigrants. Given the number of Guardsmen involved, the move is largely symbolic. But Napolitano wants to get the attention of Washington and spotlight a problem that is clearly out of hand.

The hot button topic of illegal immigration gained importance following the terrorist attacks on our country. It became apparent that terrorists could easily cross our southern borders with Mexico and bring their reign of terror here once again. But I'm less concerned with that possibility than I am with the social impact that this flood of immigrants will bring.

Like it or not, our way of life is threatened. And yet those in power who have the ability to change the policies are strangely silent. Look at the voting numbers and you begin to understand why.

Until we begin a dialogue of substance with the Mexican government, our borders will remain open to any and all. No segment of our population is growing as fast as the Hispanic population. Arizona knows that because they are near ground zero.

It's truly sad when a state government has to take these drastic actions to protect its borders. But the reality is equally as obvious.

Just like some Sikeston residents who fail to see the decline of our community because it's not reached their back door yet, our nation is failing to address the problem of illegal immigration because it has yet to impact many regions.

Rest assured, it will someday. And then it will be too late.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen