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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Nobody asked me but..."...the Sikeston Bulldogs boys basketball team will make the Class 4 final four. That's right folks, Bob Marley sang it well with "Redemption Song" and the basketball team will redeem the athletics program at Sikeston with a glorious season.

With Kash Bratcher, Julian Beard and Rod Moore returning for the Bulldogs and with the Porters enrolling at Sikeston, the team should be one of the tops in the area." -- NAMB: Nov. 23, 2005.

Who said this? Oh, that's right...me! (Go ahead and give me the Barry Horowitz Award for patting myself on the back).

Nothing beats going to state. You get first-class treatment with a charter bus and nice lodging in Columbia and the rest of the perks that go with the trip.

Sikeston is peaking at the right time and it should be interesting at the final four. Ozark is extremely tall across the frontcourt, but the key question is can they handle the quickness of the Bulldogs?

I believe that Sikeston will advance to the finals and will face Lincoln Prep. From there, let the chips fall where they may.

Can Charleston rebound from the beat-down Doniphan gave them a couple of weeks ago? I have a funny feeling in my gut that the Bluejays will morph into playoff Bluejays and will reach a new level. Take Charleston.

If the Kelly girls hope to pull off the upset over Doniphan, they have got to know the whereabouts of Morgan Davis of the Donettes. Don't lose her for one second, if you do, it is draino from 3-point land. Doniphan should dispatch Kelly fairly easily and move on to the quarterfinals.

Yes, it was a big win for the young Scott Central Braves. Coach David Heeb did an excellent job just to get the Braves to the sectionals against Bell City. With that being said, it was disappointing to see the lack of class shown by a few Scott Central fans after the win over Clarkton

I understand the excitement of the victory, what I fail to comprehend is why these fans had to hoop and holler directly in front of the Clarkton fans after the game. Take your celebration either closer to your own locker room or just exit the building.

What is humorous is that when Scott Central was struggling early in the season, these fans were nowhere to be found. These folks must be in excellent shape, getting on and off that bandwagon.

I love people who have passion for what they do. I don't care if your job is to clean up road kill, if you do it with enthusiasm and vigor, I respect that. Two coaches who I am extremely impressed with their passion is Jason Long of Clarkton and Brandon Blankenship of Risco.

You can say what you want about their coaching styles or game plans, what should not be in question is the love they have for their kids on the basketball team. Nice work gentlemen.

Is it me, or does the Class 1 sectional game seem out of place at Cape Girardeau? If you can't properly stock your concession stand, you have no business hosting a state event. Get the game back where it belongs, the Sikeston Field House.

And finally, nobody asked me but...of 20 quarterfinal sites in the state playoffs in every classification, 12 were played at a college site. My thought is, why in the world is the Show Me Center not used for some part of the state playoffs?

Farmington hosts several games at their Civic Center. Nothing screams high school playoff action like some people jogging around the track or doing stair-masters as the game is being played.

Get rid of this site.

The site lines are poor in certain areas of the bleachers and the lighting is poor.

Why is Farmington the new poster child for hosting events? New rule, you can't host an event if you don't have a interstate close by (that goes for you too, Big Bluff).

One more tidbit, what if by some miracle Farmington would have won its district? Just imagine the outcry of a team having a home court advantage in a sectional game.