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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 2/5

Sunday, February 5, 2006

I'm calling about the harassing Medicaid calls. What do you do about other harassing phone calls, such as AOL? AOL calls all the time. I told them four months ago to cancel my bill. Why can't they do their job and push a little button that says cancellation. They are still calling me after taking the money out of my account, which is basically stealing. For what? A computer I don't have anymore and Internet I don't have anymore. I did a trial membership only. I need somebody to tell me how to keep them from taking money out of my bank account and quit harassing me. Every time I call them, they hang up on me. I can't get through to them. What can I do to get through to them?

This is for the person who said she was a big person. There's a lot of us thin people, too. If she'll look at the catalogues, she will see where it says large, extra large and extra, extra large. She can find clothes. I wear a size four. I am an older lady and I need clothes that have a neck and sleeves in them. I can't find them. Bigger sizes are found easily. Tell her to look and see how many small and extra small she can find.

I would just like to say that I agree 100 percent with David Jenkin's article, "This just doesn't crack me up." You know, young girls these days don't have any respect for their bodies, wanting to show off their butt crack and tattoos. I just say, "You go, David Jenkins!"

I want to say that when we had more democrats in all offices, we weren't starving and could buy food and gas. Sure don't see much of that with those republicans in office. People suffering is what the republicans want us to do.

I want to comment on the President making his useless speeches full of bull. He talks and talks but does the opposite of what he says. He is a fraud. He started his war in Iraq, he called it his war. He's no different than Saddam Hussein. He has murdered over 2000 of our troops. Now, he's trying to kill all the old and helpless people, cutting Social Security out, trying to reform it. I would call that murder. Lots of people can't even afford their medicine. Look at all the people who need oxygen. They will die because they can't afford it. How can the old people who draw $600 a month pay for it? Maybe he and his family should try to live on what these people draw. This country is going to be just like Iraq by the time this idiot gets out of office. There will be a place for this man one day who calls himself a Christian. He is a devil.