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Hills wins Super Pro of Sikeston Drag Strip

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SIKESTON -- Here are the results from the Sikeston Drag Strip on Saturday.

1st Place - Ricky "Little Possum" Skelton Jr., Sikeston

DI - 11.92, ET - 12.058, MPH - 51.44, RT - .556

2nd Place - Austin Rettig, Sikeston DI - 8.32, ET - 8.474, MPH - 72.33, RT - .486

This final was a rematch of the season opener. Both of these drivers were on the tree hard all night, cutting a number of .50 lights.

Ricky "Little Possum" Skelton got a three-and-a-half second spot and cut a good light, jumping out to a big lead. Before the race could get going, Austin Rettig went red, giving Little Possum his first-ever Junior Dragster victory.

1st Place - Richard Smith, Bloomfield DI - 9.89, ET - 9.888, MPH - 70.10, RT - .589

2nd Place - Mike Brown, Dexter DI - 8.58, ET - 8.730, MPH - 70.52, RT - .401

This week's trophy final pitted two Trophy Class veterans against each other. Mike Brown and Richard Smith have faced each other counltess times with each race being very close, this one being no different.

Brown gave up almost a second-and-a-half to Smith on the starting line. Smith left hard and began his run towards the finish line, however, Brown went very red, giving the win and the trophy to Smith.

1st Place - Tommy Nolen, East Prairie DI - 7.51, ET - 7.594, MPH - 83.48, RT - .513

2nd Place - Richard Smith, Bloomfield DI - 9.89, ET - 9.921, MPH - 70.08, RT - .617

After winning Trophy Class, Richard Smith came back to try and take the ET Class victory as well. Standing in his way was Tommy Nolen, a very tough ET Class driver.

After struggling most of the day to get his truck running, Nolen finally found the setup, which proved to be consistent throughout the race.

Nolen gave up over two seconds off the line, but made up for it with a great .513 reaction time. As they closed in on the finish line, Nolen caught and passed Smith, taking the win light.

1st Place - Mike Vishino, St. Louis DI - 6.58, ET - 6.582, MPH - 104.21, RT - .533

2nd Place - David Leonard, Sikeston DI - 7.03, ET - 7.027, MPH - 95.31, RT - .525

One week ago, Mike Vishino was in this very spot racing Dennis Harty for the Pro Final. This week he was back to finish the job and take home the Pro Class victory. Standing in his way was David Leonard, one of the toughest drivers at the Sikeston Drag Strip, in the Alfaholic car.

Leonard got only a half-a-second spot, but took advantage of it by cutting the better light of the pair. As the cars raced towards the finish line, it looked as if this race would go either way. When they crossed, everyone thought the Alf car took the win, however, Leonard broke out by .003 of a second, giving the win to Vishino, who only ran .002 of a second off of his dial-in.

1st Place - Linden Hills, Fremont DI - 5.17, ET - 5.192, MPH - 128.93, RT - .518

2nd Place - Bill Newell, Cape Girardeau DI - 5.10, ET - 5.109, MPH - 136.32, RT - .575

The final race of the night was between two of the quickest cars in our Super Pro Class field. One week ago, Linden Hills had to load up early due to a variety of problems with his car, while Bill Newell was blazing down the track, once going under 5 seconds.

This week they had everything working well and met in the finals. Hills had the slight spot off the line and used that to cut the better light.

Newell fell asleep, which is something that you can not do at the Sikeston Drag Strip these days.

Newell seemed to catch Hills at the far end, by running on his dial in, however, Hills took advantage of his better light and grabbed the Super Pro Class victory.

Sikeston Drag Strip's first Test-n-Tune is Thursday, April 6, and points start on Saturday, April 8, for ET, Pro and Super Pro Classes.