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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 3/3

Friday, March 3, 2006

You are going to be old one of these days. I am 78-years old and still driving. I just hope that I am around when you are 78 and see how well you can drive and see how you feel then about taking licenses away from 70-year old people.

- - -

This is to the person who wrote in about older drivers. They should be looked at no different than the young drivers would be. Some are good, and some aren't. The writer should judge not, lest he be judged.

- - -

Hey, where did the person get off talking about older drivers? If he's lucky he just may get to be one someday.

All these people that call our President dumb and Dubya are the real dumb ones. They aren't very smart or they wouldn't say that about our President. Shame on you. You are not a good American. You don't like this President or our country, leave it. We won't miss a big mouth like you. Good riddance.

I live in the 900 block of Stanford. This morning when I got up there was trash all over the yard. People set their trash out and a big red bob-tailed dog, which these people let out at night, is going around tearing the trash up. I almost called the newspaper office today to see if they would come down and take a picture of this mess. These people better start keeping their dog put up or keeping it on a leash or I'm gonna turn their butts in for having cars parked alongside their house with no license plates on them. I think there is a law against that. This place down here is getting trashy. It used to be clean, but it's terrible now.

I'm calling in reference to the lady in Oran getting picked up on drug charges. It says people ask why they should pick these people up because it is a harmless charge. No it's not. I agree with Sheriff Walter. I was a meth addict, and the children are the one that hurt. They get neglected and yelled at, they're ignored. It was the worse six years of my life and my children's life that I was on this drug. I should've been shot just for putting my children through this. I've been clean for years now, but I still remember, and I'm sorry for what I did to my children more than anything. I kept them safe at home with me, but had drug people coming in and out, in and out. I didn't care about anybody but myself. I was selfish. I would tell my children to go on and leave me alone, that I wanted to have adult time. I would hide in bedroom with all my little druggie friends and get high. Then there they were, sitting on the couch, wondering what they should do. My children were neglected. They weren't abused, but they were neglected. This is not a harmless crime. Since I have been through this, I think that every woman that does drugs and gets caught, or a man, should have their children taken away immediately, because this is no life. I even know of people who have had druggies who have come into their house to drugs with them and their child was molested. I also had a friend that a drug dealer came in and put a gun to her head and her children. The children see the mother get beat up a lot and there is a lot of stealing going on. It is a horrible, horrible life. No child should have to live through that. So this is not a victimless crime. I agree with Sheriff Walter 100 percent. This is from an ex-meth user, a selfish mother, who has turned her life around. Now I'm a selfless mother. I thank God and Mission Missouri for turning my life around.