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Speakout 12/25

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Put your hand in the hand of . . .

This is to all the people who believe they came from apes instead of God's creation. As Jesus said when He was tempted by Satan, "It is written that God created Heaven and Earth and everything in it." So, I believe that God did create humans and he also created apes. Folks, for those of you who profess to be Christians who won't speak up and speak out to your state representative, Congressmen, to your Senators, and tell them, "Hey, bring God back to America." When all hell breaks loose in this country, hang on to your ancestor, the ape, and swing from tree to tree and see if that will help you. As for me and my house, I intend to hang on to that unchanged hand, because God is the only thing that is going to bring us through.

Back in the '50s, my church taught me that the word Xmas was an attempt by the Communists to remove Christ from Christmas. Today, it's the same old accusation, just a different enemy to point to and demonize.

I would like to ask how you go about getting a new business in your paper? In your progress report I noticed there were several new businesses. There's a new business in Bertrand called Berlene's Cafe. I would like to see an article written on that. They have really good food and it's just a nice family atmosphere. I would like to know how you go about getting it in the paper.

The best way to get a new business published in the paper would be to call the Business Editor at 471-1137, not SpeakOut.

I was working on a house the other day and just happened to look over in the back yard and there was a dog penned up in a cage like thing, no protection at all. There was a little thing over the top of the cage and that's all. The little thing was all huddled up and the cold wind was blowing in on him. This is a warning to the owner of that dog. If you don't get that dog a doghouse to get in, I'm calling the Humane Society on your hind end.

I live in Bertrand and I was wondering if other people in the area had noticed the lack of winter birds, such as blue jays, orioles, wrens and sparrows and other winter birds. I wonder if it's prevalent in other areas also. Why do we have such a shortage of them this year?

One more comment about the Happy Holidays or however it is they are saying it. It looks to me like the way it is written, it should be pronounced Holy Days. Happy Holi Days.