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Viewers, not group, make TV decisions

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Parents Television Council is at it again. The ultra-conservative group provides an annual list of the worst family viewing television programs which, ironically, probably boosts the ratings of those shows. Fox Network had a handful of the "worst," according to the group but it also had one of the best in the form of "American Idol."

"Two and a Half Men" made the list as one of the worst family viewing programs. Sorry, but I disagree. I think that particular show is a hoot and though the themes are often racy, I doubt seriously if watching the program will erode the family unit - unless sharing a laugh will somehow destroy the family.

But here's what I found funny. The Council could not come up with 10 programs on television it thought were wholesome family viewing. In all of television, the group could find only nine programs it found suitable. That might be a bit picky in my opinion.

I'm offended by many of the rap videos that you can find readily on television but I find "Desperate Housewives" interesting. It obviously would not be included in the Council's selection panel.

Here's the bottom line. I would greatly prefer to make my own decisions on family viewing values. I recognize - unlike the Parents Television Council - that times have changed. "Leave It to Beaver" was appropriate for an earlier generation. If "Two and a Half Men" better reflects the humor of the day, I don't need a group to tell me how horrible it is. I'll make that decision.

We all define humor in our own way. And I for one don't need a group of people telling me what I should watch and what I should ban. Michael Jensen

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen