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Speakout 2/17

Friday, February 17, 2006

I'd like to speak out about the Bell City - Risco game. I went to the game, I am from neither town, I was just curious. I have heard so much about the Bell City team. I was hoping the team would show a little class and sportsmanship. If I counted right, there were three or four technicals on Bell City and one of the kids got a technical for hanging on the rim and they celebrated because he got the technical at mid-court. It was just ridiculous. They should have thrown the coach out of the game for condoning such behavior. The kid hung on the rim when it wasn't even an attempted dunk. The crowd was so tacky. They need to show some class. You can still leave and look like a loser, even though your score was higher than the other team.

I wanted to express my opinion in your local paper on a shopping experience gone bad. My wife and I were shopping at the local Lowes store in Sikeston this past Saturday. My wife mentioned to run out to get her checkbook in the car. As you know it was cold, so I ran to the car. As doing so, my wallet fell out onto the ground. I had noticed it two car rows over and ran back to see if it could be found. It wasn't but 2 minutes when two young ladies pulled up asking me if I was looking for a wallet. I said I was and they had said it was turned in. What a relief. I can continue my shopping for our new home, new baby and our very ill grandmother, whom we are taking care of. As customer services handed it back to me, I knew the cash had been taken. Where is the integrity of today's public? If you needed money, either get a job, or if it meant that much, you could have asked. A person would have given a reward for the amount of money that was taken, just for one honest move. I hope the money aided you well and that your license plate number was taken down. Think of if you had a new child on the way and a ill family member you were trying to support and somebody took your money. How would you feel? Just a thought. P.O.'d in Poplar Bluff

People of Sikeston better wake up, the leaders especially, and let the trains go through. When you hear a train going through, that means that progress is on the move. They are hauling commerce. Sikeston is there by reason of the railroad. If there hadn't been a railroad, there wouldn't be no Sikeston. Wake up people. The trains have to move our products.

Danger in crossing

I want to reply to the party who wanted to know why everybody was fussing about more trains on the track. All I can say is that they don't live near the tracks or they would feel the way everyone feels from Rockview, Chaffee, Oran and Sikeston. We are in fear of our homes and lives when these trains are blocking the crossings in case we are having an emergency and need help. Unless you face this danger, you don't have anything to worry about.