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The 411 on stress

Monday, May 8, 2006

Life's situations can offer some challenging situations which can cause stress to strike you at any time. The following mental health tips can keep you mentally healthy:

-- Cold hands

-- Enlarged uneven pupils

-- Dry mouth, trouble swallowing or talking

-- Lump in throat

-- Muscle tension, aches and pains

-- Nervous twitches, tics

-- Negative "doomsday" thoughts

-- Fatigue, insomnia

-- Worry, anxiety, panic, rage

-- Confusion, forgetfulness

-- Dizziness, headaches -- Sweaty palms

-- Increased body metabolism, adrenaline

-- Rapid heart beat, missed beats

-- Heartburn, stomach distress, nausea

-- Frequent urination, difficulty urinating

-- Numbness, tingling

-- Only you can take the logs off your fire. Having too many projects and responsibilities often leads to confusion and the sense that uncompleted projects are hanging over your head.

-- Use the word NO. Do your share and sometimes even a little more, but when you start feeling you are being used, that is the time to say no.

-- Participate in physical exercise. Check with your physician before beginning any program of exercise. Remember to choose the type of exercise that you enjoy because you will more than likely stick with the program.

-- Take good care of yourself. Remember you are worth it. If you don't treat yourself well, resentment may build up.

-- Develop a hobby. Find past times which are absorbing and enjoyable to you, no matter what level of ability.

-- Recognize and accept limits. We can never be perfect so we often have a sense of failure or inadequacy no matter how well we perform. Set achievable goals.

-- Talk out your troubles. Confide in a friend, member of the clergy, counselor or psychotherapist so you can be open with them. Expressing your bottled-up tension to a sympathetic ear can be helpful.

-- Take deep breaths. As you take breath in, say the words to yourself, "I am," and as you exhale, use the words "relaxed" or "calm." Do that three different times.

Source: Bootheel Counseling Services