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Speakout 1/19

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why does the post office say that Taylor is a street when the sign on the corner says its an Avenue?

I recently received a packet of prayer medallions I ordered from an east coast company. The packet was cut open when I received it and, while the packing slip was in it, the prayer medallions were gone. At first, I was not too happy, but then, I laughed just a bit. The package was probably handled by a lot of people on its journey from the coast to Matthews. I wonder if the person who stole them knew what they were, or just slipped them away to look at the coins later? What did that person think when he found they were prayer medallions, instead of coins of high market value (they do have great value, but you understand)? I have read that a lot of theft in our country is attributed to people wanting drugs. Did the person go to a drug dealer and ask how much dope he could get for the prayer coins? What would a drug dealer say to a guy who wanted to fence $67.52 worth of prayer coins? Perhaps a local drug dealer would be kind enough to reply and let us all know what the street value of prayer coins is. The dealer could protect his anonymity by just mentioning the street value to the Sikeston DPS or New Madrid County Sheriff; I'm sure they would be glad to pass the information along. I'll pass the packet on to the postal authorities and, if they find the person, perhaps he can explain the whole story.

I would like to speak out about this Medicare Rx plan. This Medicare Rx plan is not worth the paper it is written on. People better check in to it before they write their name on the piece of paper. If you don't take a lot of medicine, you will go in the hole. By the time you have it held off your Social Security check, pay premiums of the plan, then the deductible, then the co-pay for the medicine when you go to the drugstore and pick it up. What have you gained? Zero. Mr. President can brag all he wants that he is helping the poor with all their medicine. That's a big laugh and a lot of bull. I have done my homework and checked into these plans. Who do you think is gonna benefit from this crap? People better wise up before they sign their name on the dotted line.

Mike, Your last word in your editorial in Sunday, Jan. 15 paper should've been destruction.

I thought of that. I hope not, but you may be right.