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Speakout 1/9

Monday, January 9, 2006

Rams don't suck

Okay. I'm reading the Dec. 29 SpeakOut and it says that the Rams suck. Well, I have to disagree with that statement. The Rams might fall this year, but they do not suck.

Hello SpeakOut. I was reading in today's paper about birth certificates. You can go to the Scott County Health Department on the north side of Sikeston on Highway 61 with your picture id or whatever. They will have you a birth certificate for $15 within 10 minutes.

I want to speak out about the President. I think he is wrong and it should be taken in to consideration. He should be impeached. He had no business doing what he did without an order. How long would it have taken him to talk to someone and got the order. He's doing lots of things that he shouldn't have done. He's trying to do everything himself and he needs to be stopped before he does something drastic. He is a crazy man and should have a muzzle put on his mouth.

This is more praise for Mr. Lincoln. I am from Sikeston, Mo., bought a ranch moved from south of Doniphan down by Current River two years ago so I could be near my mother who is in the Current River Nursing Center that is owned by Mr. Lincoln. I am there every day and their staff over here also really does a good job.

I'm calling about the people whose house burnt down in Kennett and their son is in Iraq. I was trying to find out where and who I send money to to help them out. Their Christmas burnt up. If someone will put it in the paper, I will send them some money.

Thanks for the meal

Way to go Matthews Big Prairie Jaycees. A free dinner on January 1 of smoke jowl, black eye peas, cabbage and cornbread is a yearly event for the citizens of Matthews. Thank you Jaycees for the great dinner and fellowship we enjoy every year.