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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 9/25

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I think the citizens of Howardville, Missouri, need to band together against the city council. They are raising our taxes again. We get taxed on library, public health and we receive neither of these services. According to state auditor Claire McCaskill, they should stop charging the tax. I think the citizens should get a refund for these services. The citizens of Howardville should go to www.auditor.state.mo.us to read the complete audit report. I feel the city is feeding its citizens for its own good.

I would like to personally thank Mr. Buck Smith and Mr. Marshall for all they have done in getting the cemeteries cleaned up here in Sikeston. This was greatly appreciated. It was a tragedy that this happened. Anyone that paid for a lot at these cemeteries has paid for perpetual care and we sure were not getting that. I appreciate it because there were so many people who didn't have the equipment to take care of this problem by themselves. They either had a lawnmower they couldn't get out there or weedeater they couldn't plug in when they got it out there and a lot of elderly people had loved ones out there and wanted to see the graves taken care of. I would again like to thank you both and anyone else that had a hand in getting this thing resolved.

I have a question for the Standard Democrat. I live in New Madrid County. When we get our newspaper on Wednesday there is never any ads in them. We do our shopping in Sikeston and we would like to see the grocery ads and coupons. How come we don't get the ads in New Madrid County? We have to go to Sikeston to the stores to be able to pick them up and see what is on sale. We would like to see the ads in the paper on Wednesday in New Madrid County like they put them in in Sikeston.

The advertisers decide what areas will receive the circulars. Tell the store manager how you feel and request they expand the circulation area.

Recently while shopping in Sikeston I had a flat tire. Two thoughtful men, Robert and Chris, stopped and changed my tire in 90 degree heat. I greatly appreciate each of you taking your time from your busy day to help me. I have a positive image of Sikeston and its residents and look forward to my next visit to Sikeston.

I've never called Speakout before and I have waited patiently now for several weeks waiting to see if the Visiting Nurse Association and Rep. Peter Myers would change the flags that fly atop their building on Linn Street. How disgraceful that they would, during this time of war, allow the American and state flags become so tattered. The American flag is so faded you can no longer even see the stars and the Missouri flag is just in shreds. If they don't have replacement flags, so be it but at least go up and take the tattered ones down. I am ashamed for them and concerned about their disregard in this matter. Where is their pride? Our flag is a beautiful symbol of our freedom. It should be regarded as such.

I want to thank Mike Jensen for what he put in the paper. It is so true of what he put in there. They are talking about Bush and the gas. He wanted to drill and do this and that, but the other party, no, no, no. Anything he wants, they are against him. How can he win when everyone fights him, especially one party? I think he has done everything he can to help people. They gripe about him going to Texas. Well, that is a lot better than going overseas like one president we had and all the time taking Air Force 1 and was overseas they said in those foreign countries than he was in the White House. If Bush stays in Texas he is spending his money in the United States, he is not spending in those foreign countries. I don't know why they don't praise him once in a while.