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Speakout 1/31

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mike Jensen, your article in the paper Jan. 19, why aren't you condemning the Red Cross? We gave billions of dollars to them and they put it in their pockets. I think some of them should go to jail, too. They always act like the Red Cross has a good name, but when you need them they're not there for you.

If anyone recorded Desperate Housewives this Sunday and would like to share the tape, could you please leave your number in the paper, if you would like to sell it or share the tape?

Mike, you're right on the money on this one. Why should we offer a thug consideration as to his "comfort" during his execution? After all, this is the ultimate punishment, and only lasts a short time. The suffering of the family of the young girl has lasted years. The other individual ... same thing. Let's have a side by side execution. They "worked" together, let them die together. And to add a little "rough" justice as Judge Milian on People's Court ... let the family of the murdered girl flip the switch to execute one, and the injured state employee have the option on the other. Seems somehow fitting. Too many people are focused on rehabilitation, instead of punishment, which is called for in this and many other cases. I believe that back in the '60's when we were kids, they called it "taking responsibility for your actions" and paying for what you did wrong. As in the last Pogo comic strip, the last words still echo, "I have scouted round the whole area and sought out the enemy .... and he is us!" Let the convicted murderers go this many years, and we pay the price for failure to act in a manner appropriate to the nature of the crime.

One's as bad as the other

For all those who are so obsessed with Ted Kennedy's famous drunk driving incident, I wonder if they are as upset by the fact that George W. Bush drove drunk for those 20 plus years when he was an alcoholic. It was plain dumb luck that he didn't run off the road and cause harm to someone else, but he certainly was willing to take that chance and engage in that dangerous and irresponsible behavior, same as Kennedy.

To you Alito lovers. I don't see how you can be so in love with this man when he didn't tell everything about his position in the debates. I heard every bit of them. You can bet he is a man for George Bush, and if you still support this man and you're not filthy rich, you better see a psychiatrist. He took us to war in Iraq just to satisfy his enormous ego and to benefit the giant corporation like the oil companies, General Electric, General Dynamics, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and dozens more. You want to know why we are having to pay out the nose for fuel? It's because the oil companies contributed $54 million to Bush's election campaign and now they can charge exactly what they want for fuel because all Bush is gonna do is pat them on the back and tell them to go, go go. He has gotten us so deep in debt that our children and grandchildren will be paying out the nose for years and years to come. The poor and middle class in this country does not have a chance with George Bush in office. The guilty person for 9-11 is still free as a bird, so what have we accomplished by going to Iraq? Iraq is not a war on terror, it is a war to create terror. That's what it amounts to.