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Speakout 10/2

Saturday, October 1, 2005

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This is in regards to the Catholic questions. I am a member of the St. Dennis Church in Benton. I know they have mass on Saturday night at 6:00, Sunday morning at 7:00 and 9:00. It's a very nice church and we welcome everybody.

This is to the lady who went looking for a job. If you didn't have such a big, fat stinking attitude, maybe you would have gotten a better response. And if you went to over 30 stores and isn't going to shop at any of them anymore, she's gonna have a real problem in this area. Maybe she needs to look at her attitude before speaking out on other people's attitudes.

I saw in Speakout where you would like to know more about the Catholic religion. If you would like to know about it, you can come on Monday nights at 7 p.m. at the Parrish center in the St. Joseph's room. They have classes and people that want to know more about it can come and find out more about it. This is at Sikeston.

I thought the way the parents acted at the Pep Assembly on Friday afternoon, was childish. They were asked to move by administration, so the seniors could sit in the bleachers, so all the students could sit together. After all, it is the student's Homecoming, not the parents. Grow up parents and quit trying to relive your lives through your children.

This is regard to the health inspections in Cape Girardeau. Scott County Health Department does NOT go around and check. I know this for a fact. There are restaurants that are in Scott County that are a health hazard and they need to be shut down. Cape Girardeau is one of the finest health departments around that keep up with what is going on. You also see the health inspectors around the lunch hour rushes and the buffets in Cape Girardeau. Scott County needs to put their foot down and demand that establishments get inspected routinely.

I was reading Speakout about the proud black man, that has six children, has a SUV to ride around in and gets a government check. If this gentleman is physically able to work then he ought to be ashamed. But in all due respect, if the taxpayers want to send me a check and let me take care of my family with this check and give me $40,000 and give me a SUV to ride around in, I would appreciate it.

I'm just adding my two cents. I am Catholic and against abortion. I'm Democrat and I'm strictly against the loss of life of our young men and women in Iraq. The President is only for the rich Republicans. Doesn't he go to church? "When you do unto me, you do unto others," sayeth the Lord.

To the person who called in asking about the Catholic Church in Benton, it is St. Denis. Weekend masses are Saturday evening at 6 p.m. and Sunday morning at 7 and 10 a.m. If the caller would like to reach the pastor Normand Varone at 545-3864.

I would like to speak about the jealousy here in Sikeston. I have never seen it as bad anywhere else as it is here in Sikeston. Certain people here are jealous of people with disabilities food stamps or a welfare check. Every one of them would be in line if they qualified. The hatred here for the poor really shows through. Even our editor here really shows hatred for the poor. I admit there may be some fault in all services, but the bottom line here is that a lot of little children would go to be hungry if we didn't have them. I hope you all change your attitude before you meet Christ. Or maybe you are jealous of him too.

Gouging at the pump, Sikeston gas $2.55 or $2.60. Charleston gas $2.63 or $2.75. Twenty cents difference and they want us to shop in Charleston.