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SpeakOut 11/19

Monday, November 19, 2007

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Will someone please put it in the paper if you know what these are. It's a sort of a tan, big bug, looks like a humped-back camel and they jump around and act like black crickets. I catch a lot of them on glue boards, but there's a bunch of them jumping around here in the house. I'm afraid to put glue boards around, afraid my dog will get in them. She got in one, I had it way back in under the couch. She reached back there and got her foot in it, trying to find out what it was. If anyone knows what these things are, will you please put it in SpeakOut?

Governor Blunt is putting education first and others are doing without insurance, food and jobs. Just because he was a rich kid, not everybody else is. When I was growing up, you graduated, got a job and started a family. Back then there were few going to college because there wasn't all these scholarships and free rides. Children took care of their parents and did not put them in nursing homes for taxpayers to pay for. Education is more important in his eyes than Medicare for these older people who worked hard all their lives. One of these days Governor Blunt is going to pay for all this stuff he has dealt out.

I would like to explain something to the citizens of Scott County that I don't think they know about. Your lovely county commissioners are always saying how this law enforcement tax is causing so many problems with the budget and they don't have money? Well my opinion is, and I hope agreed by some, why don't the county commission cut some of their own money instead of taking from the county? They get $30,000 a year to go to two meetings a month and for what? They're all about repairing the roads in the county and I can see that somewhat, but they need to worry about our law enforcement and fire departments. Most of the fire departments are volunteer and they just like helping people. I say again, why are they so special that they need $30,000 to show up twice a month? The Sheriff's Department is working with outdated equipment and I've heard of some situations where there is only one deputy at a call. Why would they put them in a situation that they wouldn't want to be in themselves? Stop being so stingy and take care of your law enforcement and fire departments. These fire departments are working with outdated and barely working equipment but the commissioners are getting paid good though. They want to punish the Sheriff's Department by cutting their budget because the tax didn't pass. Let me tell you why the tax didn't pass, because the commissioners were talking about paving roads and building an archive center. I voted it down, not because I don't support it, but because the commissioners don't know how to handle the county's money. Stop punishing our sheriff and our volunteers. Let's get more deputies and better equipment for our law enforcement and better equipment for our fire departments. Safety first, it may be the commissioners that need help one day and the question is, will they get it?

What makes me sick to my stomach is about a week ago, Republicans and Democrats both passed a bill for health care for children who didn't have any health insurance at all. And our President vetoed the bill. He don't care about nobody except for himself. I would love to see him to have to set down at the dinner table and have nothing to eat but water, gravy and bread for a whole year. Then he would know what it's like to be poor. We need someone like John McCain or John Edwards. Edwards is a good Christian man.

Why are the children going to school Veterans Day when the school should be closed to honor our veterans that fought for our country. We have other holidays like Martin Luther King Day when the schools are closed. Why can't the school be closed in honor of our soldiers that fought in the wars. God bless America.