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Speakout 9/14

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nobody asked me but Chris Moore's comment that Tiger Boyd is the best running back he has ever seen from this area shows that he hasn't been around for that long. All of Boyd's accomplishments were on the high school level only. On the other hand, James Wilder had a stellar high school record on the last undefeated team in Sikeston history. Yes, he didn't gain as many yards as Boyd and the others, but a team that was undefeated was a complete team. Wilder didn't need to get the ball three out of every four downs. Wilder then went on to play and start at Mizzou. He then went on to the NFL where he was drafted in the second round and became a starter and had a distinguished career. James was all-pro at least two times, to my knowledge. One of which he gained 2,000 all-purpose yards, a feat only duplicated by a few in the game. How can you compare someone who only played on the high school level with someone who was all-pro in the NFL.

Hey, people in Southeast Missouri. Take notice of what is happening in New Orleans. If you see the disaster happening there, what is going to happen here when we have the big earthquake that has been predicted for years and years and years. This was predicted in New Orleans a long time ago. We need to have our emergency preparedness ready because as we can see our government is not prepared to handle any type of emergency in our country. We better get ourselves ready. It looks like we are not going to have any help either if we ever have the big one here. We need to change the government, change the system.

I want to remind everyone when they think about their Labor Day weekend not being so good because of some places being out of gas and some places limited gas and they can't get gas because the prices are so high. Think about those who are down south who are hurricane victims. Have them in your prayers. For those who don't seem to think that this gas problem is President Bush's fault because he can't help a hurricane. Well, first of all my advice to that, when you already have a problem, you need to be prepared for the worse. When there is already a gas problem, you need to be thinking about what if this happens. It is like everyday happens. You don't let the gas in your house get low. When it is 60 or 70 degrees out, then it turns down to zero you aren't out of gas because you have already prepared for the worse. When you see a crisis coming, you can't wait until something like this to happen to realize there is a problem. Bush has been sitting on his hands, leaning back on his thumbs when his country is going to hell in a handbasket. I hope we can stand him for four more years.

This is Fisherman's Net. We had a young gentleman ride by on a bicycle the other day and had some Wal-Mart bags and he dropped one. We would like to say if they could identify what was in the bag, we will be more than happy to give it back. We don't know who it belongs to. But we do have it here at Fisherman's Net and if they can identify what was in the Wal-Mart bag they can have it. It was a young kid.

I watched a Christmas show the other night and it made me think. The holidays will be upon before long and there will be a lot of people who you didn't see through the year you don't see popping up at your front door at Thanksgiving and Christmas before long.

It is Friday night and I'm watching this concert for hurricane relief. I feel very sorry for those people down there. It just tears my heart out. Then I hear a black man on here talking about discrimination. The black people and the white people. Don't they understand at a time like this there is no black and no white. We are all in this together. I turned it off when I heard that. I just can't listen to the discrimination thing. Amen.

During the year 2005 the Republicans have made it very clear that they are not a pro-life party. They have cut funding for wheelchair batteries, dentures, canes and other devices necessary for poor people to live. They have turned their backs on poor people in our own country and they have sent more poor people over to kill innocent people in another country. If Republicans try to characterize themselves as a pro-life party in this next election cycle I think I will throw up.