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Speakout 5/22

Monday, May 22, 2006

"The part-time positions at the Juvenile Detention Center in Charleston were advertised in Charleston and Sikeston newspaper according to protocol set out in Court Operating Rule 7. Several applications have been received from both Scott and Mississippi counties. The successful candidates will be those who meet employment criteria without preference to place of residence." Barbara Smith, Juvenile Court Administrator for 33rd Judicial Circuit, in response about job positions at the Juvenile Detention Center:

With all the graduation announcements being sent out, and all the graduates waiting by the mailbox for the money to come rolling back in as gifts, let me give you little lesson in etiquette. The givers of the money would like a word of acknowledgment also. If we can take the time to: 1. go buy you a card; 2. buy the stamp for the card; 3. write the check; 4. make a trip to the post office to mail it with gasoline being sky high; and 5. earn the money to give you the gift; you could at the very, very least take five minutes out of your busy "done with those oh-so-tough" high school days to drop a note in the mail to say thanks. I have given money in the past years and have received some very nice cards that were very appreciative. However, I have sent some checks to graduates, and if I hadn't seen the check draft taken out of my account, I would never have known they received it. If someone gives you a gift, use some manners and send them a thank you note. Who knows? The next occasion requiring a gift, you may not get one.

This is in comment to Bell City and Scott Central school districts fighting over the students and what district they live in. It has been going on for years since a coach started soliciting players and tried to get them to play on his basketball team. It seems so strange that these districts seem to be fighting over students that can play basketball instead of students who need to come to study and learn in their school districts.

I'd like to make a comment of the Illegals on Marion. Yeah, you can drive down Marion and see all the illegal mixed immigrants. I just want you to know that my son-in-law lives on Marion Street and I think they ought to leave the illegals immigrants alone that work hard every day and try to raise their families. They do work hard every day. Without our immigrants, who would work our farmland? Who would get our vegetables and our fruit into our stores? It sure wouldn't be none of us. They can do a boycott whatever they want to do. But I think they work hard and I raise my hand to them.

I want to express my thanks any my opinion on the comments made by Mr. Michael Jensen about junk mail. I agree 100 percent. The postage should be raised on junk mail instead of the first class mail. Junk mail has copy catted so much of the legitimate companies you almost have to open all mail to see if it is a genuine piece of mail or pure junk.

My mother is disabled and she is looking for someone with a bush hog to help mow down her backyard. It is like a half of an acre. If there's anyone out there, please leave a message in SpeakOut.

Save-a-lot has the best employees and cashiers I have ever seen and they do help the disabled out. I was in there Saturday and Candice helped me bag my groceries and Taylor, she was very thoughtful too.

I would like to say thank you and Happy Mother's Day to the blonde who I was in the grocery store the other day shopping and I didn't have enough money for the food for my children. She put in her own money to help me and I would like for her to know that my children thank her and we thank God for her. It's nice to know that there are still Christian people in this world and that's a very important thing to see. You will get repayment from us and you will get a blessing from God.