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Gephart brothers win in Hannibal for Mississippi County Boxing

Thursday, December 22, 2005

HANNIBAL -- Mississippi County Boxing traveled to Hannibal this past weekend to compete in a club show. Teams from Columbia, Jefferson City, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Hannibal were also in attendance for the show.

Starting the evening for Mississippi County was Tyler Latamondeer, taking a fight on last second notice against Cody Purvis of the Hannibal Boxing Team. Latamondeer had a tough fight with Purvis, who stood 6-7 inches taller, weighed in 15 pounds heavier than Latamondeer. Latamondeer stood toe to toe with Purvis for three straight rounds, losing to decision.

"This kid is tougher than most kids his size. When these bigger kids step in with him, they tend to try and take the advantage, but he comes right at them with the fight. That's why he is so tough," stated coach Brad Wick about Latamondeer.

The second fighter from Mississippi County Boxing to see some action was Billy Mace going up against Armondo Reeves from the Jefferson City Boxing Team. This was definitely an action packed fight from start to finish. It looked as if Mace might have pulled out a close fight, but lost a close decision to Reeves on the cards.

Phillip Latamondeer went into the ring against Scott Glasco of the Columbia Boxing Team. Latamondeer also going up against a much taller opponent, but even in weight. Both fighters came out strong, with Glasco appearing to easily take the first round. Between rounds Wick pep-talked Latamondeer in the corner, who came out in the second round producing some good combinations and landing good clean shots against Glasco. Going into the third and final round both fighters appeared to be even on the cards. In the end Glasco came out with the split decision victory over Latamondeer.

The crowd was given some good action, when the lightweight fighter for Mississippi County, Charlie Pollock, stepped in against Clyde Jones from The Columbia Boxing Gym.

Pollock initiated almost all the action in the first round with good movement and landing good clean shots, throwing Jones off his game a bit. Pollock stayed consistent throughout the match, clearly looking like the winner in the end. When the judges decision came, it was a shock to Pollock and his corner. "We clearly had that fight won, I don't know what the Judges were seeing," said Wick about the decision.

Roger Achter lost to Billy Kamery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. in the first round after being stopped by a good clean right hook from Kamery.

Chris Gephart, weighing in at 238 pounds for his match up was to go up against Robert Warren of the Jefferson City Boxing Team. This was to be a good rematch between these two fighters. Gephart landed some shots that would have stopped most fighters the second they got hit, but Warren proved that his chin was solid like a rock.

Throughout the whole match Gephart rocked Warren and kept him at bay with his jab, not allowing him to get off allot of the shots he wanted. Going into the third Gephart looked just as fresh and ready to go as he was in the first, the only problem was, so was Warren. They both met at the center of the ring and made the final round about as exciting as any that evening. Gephart won the match up by unanimous decision, giving Gephart his eighth straight win.

"I have not seen a guy that could take shots like that, he is very tough and has a great head on his shoulders," stated Gephart about his opponent.

Gephart travels to Joplin to compete in the USA Regionals. There he has the chance to go onto the USA Nationals in Colorado in March.

Matt Gephart finished off the evening going in against Joe Fragale from the Columbia Boxing Gym. Gephart started off good and clean against Fragale, but Fragale staying cautious and landing some good shots of his own staying on the move from Gephart.

It appeared that Fragale had a slim lead over Gephart in the first round. Going into the second, Gephart started with some fast jabs and later in the round dropped Fragale with a clean right hand.

"At that point I thought it was over, but Fragale got up during the eight count....He showed to be a tough kid to come up from that punch," stated Coach Wick about the knockdown.

In between rounds Gephart stated to Coach Wick that his left shoulder was hurting badly from a previous injury incurred in training. Gephart was advised to lay off the jabs and lead more with his right hand and to just finish off the fight. Gephart came away with the unanimous decision.

Mississippi County Boxing will be taking the rest of the year off from the gym returning to the gym on January 9, 2006. If interested in training or becoming a sponsor for the 2006 season, contact Coach Wick at (573) 380-0383.